Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Candy Bar Debate

Yesteryday night my husband and I got into a disagreement about what should be classified as a candy bar. This was brought on by the fact that I decided to snack on an almond bar. He asked if I could bring him a candy bar as well, and I corrected him - telling him that I was getting an ALMOND BAR, not a candy bar. As I give the almond bar to him, he still insists that it is a candy bar. Soo.....

What classifies something as a candy bar exactly? Shouldn't it be something you find in the candy bar aisle at a gas station, grocery store and such? If an almond bar is located in the granola bar aisle, it should not earn the title of a candy bar - in my opinion. Besides, there is no chocolate, no caramel, etc to be find in the almond bar. It is comprised of almonds and nougaty-goodness. Notice my last word??? Goodness??? It is friggin healthy for you, I tell ya! A candy bar is labeled as a candy bar because it is unhealthy. For example, in a Snickers bar, you may have peanuts - but it is covered in caramel and chocolate.

My husband argues that an almond bar is a candy bar because it has sugar in it *Lisa rolls eyes* However, if we deemed everything that had the slightest bit of sugar in it a candy bar, what is there left that is healthy for us to eat? According to my husband, even a granola bar is a candy bar. And I find this rather aggravating - cuz then I have to feel guilty about eating more stuff. When something gets labeled as candy bar, you immediately know that the consumption of too many will make you add on pounds. In my mind, eating something like a granola bar or an almond bar should not make you feel guilty, you should be proud of yourself for avoiding the other things that are bad for friggin CANDY BARS *uggh*

So have I managed to put myself in a bubble where things like almond bars are fine to eat, or is my husband just trying to get a rise out of me? lol

Friday, October 26, 2007

When MSN runs out of things to write about...... get articles like this to read lol

I am flattered =)

My husband has decided to take a poem that I wrote (inspired by him) and make it into a song =) Altho, the poem does not have the same 'structure' that he would like for a song, so he is amending it a bit. So I have been sitting here for the last 30 minutes hearing my poem sung and played on his accoustic guitar over and over and over

He has now shown me some of the amendments, and they seem fairly good. They change the poem a bit, but I don't care - as it makes it more his song that way. And I am just flattered he deamed it good enuf to make into a song. Besides, he knows when it is a hit song, I get 60 percent of the profits and he gets 40 percent! hehe

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I did not get much sleep last night =/ Let's all take a moment to feel sorry for Lisa lol

I am sitting at my laptop last night, after finishing my blog post, and decide that I am tired myself and will go to sleep. Instead, I sit there and think about the movie, 'The Lakehouse' that I watched part of yesterday. If anyone has not seen it, its basically about how a guy and gal communicate with each other via the mailbox at the same place of residence - but they are in two places in time - 2 years apart. They decide to meet on Valentines Day - which is 2 years more to go for him and the next day for her. And well......I won't say how it all ends, as I don't want to spoil it for someone wanting to see it, but all I could do last last was overanalyze the possibilities of that theory even being plausible, how the story works, how it doesn't, where they messed up, how they could make it better, etc etc.

Typically, I am not that sort of person tho - altho that type of movie gets you thinking a bit. I can sit and watch a movie and just take it all for granted. After all, it IS just a movie - made for entertainment purposes for the most part. Movies are made for the people watching it to feel something more or less - they do not necessarily thrive on being accurate in their facts. Even a movie based on a historical event tends to ad lib parts in, add more characters in, that would make the watcher be more interested in the story line.

Would people actually watch a movie that was 100% accurate? Can any movie be that way, even if based off of facts? I think the only way that can happen is if the person/or people that the movie is based on is/are alive. But then, you are taking their version of the facts - to someone else who might have known the person/people it was based on, their version could be totally different.

OK, maybe I should figger out something better to do with my Saturday morning than sit here and overanalyze movies huh? =)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Surgery, Nurses and Meds

My husband is doped up on pain meds and is snoring away, so I figgered I would blog atcha all for a bit =)

Its amazing the things you take your husband for granted for when he is not there to help ya. I am glad I ended up taking off work on Friday - as I would be so stressed out about how he was doing and getting other things done that I wouldn't have done well at work. For not being at work, I was still pretty exhausted by the end of the day, tho. I mowed the lawn, called and made a F/U post op appointment for my husband, called and refilled other meds for him, made lunch, washed a dog, called and got a guy to come out to look at our ceilings/windows for an estimate on repair work, emailed Singer on how to get a new bobbin case for my sewing machine, and...and....and.... lol

I did end up falling asleep for about an hour during part of the day. Ironically, depsite the muscle relaxer my husband took about 30 minutes prior to my nap - he stayed awake as I snoozed. Must make sure he is asleep first next time, so I can keep an eye on him if he is awake =) He can be a stubborn patient, altho I don't blame him for being grumpy with the nurses and such while he was at the hospital. Well, I shouldn't say nurses - there was just one nurse in particular who took her job WAY too seriously. It seemed like everything he wanted to do, had done, or hadn't even thought about doing - she had an opinion for. I was afraid when I left, I would get a call from my husband saying he took out his IV and was waiting for me to pick him up at the main entrance because she pissed him off.

Thank goodness it was just the beeping of the machines and just being checked on every hour that bothered him that night lol

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I hate the people in our subdivision. OK, maybe not ALL the people - but pretty darn near all of them. I do like this one couple who has a daughter that waves at me and I wave at her everytime I go by in a vehicle. I do like the older couple next door to us in our cul de sac that has a part daschund/part beagle dog. But I do NOT like the teenage boys who insist on playing ball in the street at 5 P - when most everyone is heading home from work every day. They do NOT move and if they do, they do it slowly, like they think its funny. And then they yell 'SLOW DOWN' *arrgghh*

And speaking of being yelled at to slow down, I was told that again today. This time it wasn't by the boys, but by the husband of the gal who was rude to me as soon as they moved in to the neighborhood. She made the trip down to our block with her kid in the stroller and interupt us working on the rose bushes (which I also hate btw lol) to say that I was driving at least 50 mph thru the neighborhood earlier and that I should really slow down *arrrggghhhfrigginnarrgghh*

It is NOT possible for me to go 50 mph in my jeep around the curves in our neighborhood. If the moronic woman knew what driving a jeep was like, she would realize that going at that speed would possibly tip my jeep over. Also, I wasnt going that fast - I was going 30 mph - 5 mph over the speed limit.

So now what do I do? Go out of my way to get into the subdivision some other way to avoid these people? I have done that once before and was pissed off that I was, that I quit lol But I am NOT gonna have someone tell me how to drive, when I was not driving bad to begin with. I am REALLY tired of kids in the street - they take the 'pedestrians have the right-a-way' way too far. If you are gonna be dumb enuf to be in the street at the busiest time of day, then be respectful and move!! Don't act like its the best joke ever to take your time to get out of someone's way. Don't be rude and shout things to the person who had to stop to let you slowly get out of the way. These friggin people do not understand that there are sidewalks I guess? Front yards? Back yards? I was never allowed to stand out in the middle of the street like that when I was younger.

I should hush.......I could go on forever about this =/ I just hate being messed with like that, as my husband could drive down the same road, the same speed and not be shouted at at least =/ =/


Anyway! Maybe I will be more relaxed about things tomorrow after my husband gets his surgery done. Only about 5 1/2 more hours until we have to be at the hospital - only 5 1/2 hours till my husband has a brand new modified back that hopefully will cause him alot less pain =)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ack! A hair in my food =/

Well, we head out to our typical Mexican restaurant tonight and get our typical stuff to eat - altho we did have an atypical surprise in my taco =/ A VERY long blonde hair was found and grossed me completely out *uggh* I thought maybe I had got one of my own hairs in the taco, but it was pretty evident how it was wrapped around the sauce, fish and stuff that it was NOT mine.

Excuse me.......must go puke now lol

It is ironic that we are so grossed out about hair in our food that isn't ours. I think we are more accepting of ours - well, for the most part. I don't think I could eat my own food if it had a hair in it. If it was a cookie, I might give it another chance, but thats cuz there are other cookies - totally seperate from the cookie you just ate to sample and enjoy. With a taco, you are kinda screwed - once grossed out, you can't just bite into the same taco and enjoy. You look at it like it was full of worms or sumpin'. Technically, hair isn't the 'grossest' thing you could find in your food I guess. Thats assuming the person who left it there washes his/her hair on a regular basis =) But my husband and I have found alot worse than that before!

We used to go to an Oriental place that we liked because they knew us well, and they had decent food. But the last time we were there, we started eating the free appetizer noodle things they bring out initially - and ended up finding a huge ant-like big bug creature in the bowl.

Excuse me......must go puke again lol

Seriously tho, we have not been back since =/ Its a shame, cuz you knew the waiter was horrified at us finding something like that, certainly has left an impression on our memories - and not a good one!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ozark Trip

Egads, the days fly by sometimes! We should be headed for a somewhat 'slower' period fairly soon - what with my husband having surgery on the 17th and all. I hope! He doesn't need to be pushing it anyway, and I could use some rest. Gotta be physically and mentally ready to deal with him ya know? lol As I type this, he is just finishing getting a cam shaft out in the garage so he can sell it *uggh* But luckily, I managed to get him to wear a back brace - so maybe he won't be AS sore as he usually is when he gets in these 'gotta get something done even tho I shouldn't physically be doing so' moods =)

This last weekend was great, tho - we headed down for our annual 'Rentreffen' in the Ozarks and had an awesome time. I can't say enough what the group of folks we hang out with there mean to us - it feels really good to know such sincere, enthusiastic and giving people. Between them and the friends I have made within the knitting group, I am VERY blessed. I will never take for granted the friends I have, they all mean alot to me. Altho, I better start talking about something else, or I am gonna get all weepy on ya'all lol

Lets see......I actually scheduled myself an appointment this weekend for a pedicure too. My very first one, and I will have to do it again! I basically had the 'quickie' pedicure - but it still was relaxing, and it makes ya feel really pampered. Altho, I was a bit ticklish on my feet as the gal used the emery board =) I don't think she thought it was as amusing as me, but darnit! my toes do look quite beaaauuuutttiful now!

Monday, October 1, 2007

I am a Power-Washing Queen

Put that line to the music of 'I am a love machine' and thats what is going thru my head right now lol Don't ask me why - I guess if you spend about an hour outside power washing your deck, you are bound to think of some really goofy things =)

I do think the power washing did not help my energy level at all *sigh* I really should exercise, altho according to my husband, I should be able to call that exercise - I wish! I suppose it does help your arm muscles, but it doesn't really get your heart rate up much. I do know if I manage to exercise tonight on the Nordic Track, that I am NOT gonna use the pulleys and use my arms. I will just 'ski' away - armless - my legs doing all the work. If I used my arms also, I don't think they will be able to move tomorrow =O

Speaking of my husband, I was a bit disappointed in him the other day. We were driving somewhere and there was a moth on the windshield of the truck. We traveled quite a ways and I remarked how strange it was that the moth was still on the windshield. My husband then turns on the wipers and KILLS the moth. Its little guts were smashed all over the windshield. And of course, it was only on my side of the windshield - so I had to sit there and stare in horror at the moth's demise for what seemed like an eternity. One look at my incredulous face, my husband looses it and starts laughing uncontrollably. Meanwhile, I was still in the state of 'how could you?' and 'oh my gawds' - which did not help him regain any sort of composure whatsoever. To his credit, he did say he was thinking the moth would fly away - that he didn't think it would sit there waiting to be smashed. But anywhooo! My husband pulls off the road and I start asking him what he was doing. He replies that he is gonna show me how much he loves me, and pulls in to a gas station. He then gets out and gets a wet squeegie thing to clean the windshield with and cleans off the moth guts =)

Ya know, sometimes its the little things like that that really mean the world to ya!