Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shopping Sux

I am not the typical girl I guess - I generally *hate* shopping. Unless I can do it online anyway, where I can be away from the crowds and the salespeople. However, there are times when you just are not able to get around it - you have to go to the store. Generally, I wait for when my husband is with me, as at least I can count on him to push our way thru the throngs of people we encounter and/or annoy us.

But that was not the case the other day when we had to go to Hobby Lobby for a few things - one of which was candles. Believe me, when you have dogs, its typically a good idea to get candles to burn - tho, it is kinda dangerous when you have someone like me who burns a candle for hours on end or just forgets she lit a candle to begin with.

But anywhooo..... thats a different story....

We were in the one of the candle aisles and about to turn and go down another when an old lady slowly appeared out of nowhere and stopped at the end of the aisle. She stands there a few minutes just staring at the vast array of candles. She then slowly bends and picks up a candle. She looks at it. She looks at it some more. She decides to sniff the candle. She looks at the candle some more. She decides candle is not worthy of her attention finally and slowly returns it to its original spot. She stares at the other candles again....

All this time, my husband and I are standing behind her, watching and waiting - as she apparantly was oblivious she was in our way. I look over at my husband and roll my eyes and sigh. My husband makes a face and I am close to laughing when the lady decides to move a few more inches - which is *just* enuf for us to get by and get to the other candle aisle.

Relieved, I started going thru the older lady's motions - grab, sniff, place candle back, grab, sniff - only at a much faster pace. I only get thru 2 candles, however, when I look down the aisle and there was the old lady again.

Seriously? How the heck did *that* happen? Did she just leave the house that day thinking how she was gonna mess with people, cuz she was bored and all? Or maybe one of the candles was invigorating, and gave her a sudden burst of energy to move that quickly - as she sure as heck didnt have that energy before.

Guess I will just buy my candles online next time, sniff them at home and return them if I dont like them in order to avoid dealing with older gals like her lol