Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Suburbian Peacock

I am not sure why, but for the past 6-8 months (maybe more), we have had a peacock roaming about our neighborhood. I am pretty sure he/she doesn't belong to anybody in particular, as the peacock is always around a different person's house every couple of days or so. Or maybe he/she is just a very social peacock - altho, I have never known peacocks to be that social of animals. Maybe it is a very vain peacock and likes to strut about the neighborhood showing off its beautiful array of feathers. No matter what the reason, my husband and I are constantly amazed that the peacock is out and about in the kind of weather that we have been having. Surely peacocks do not like walking thru snow and ice. And when we do not see him/her struttin' about the neighborhood, where is the peacock? Where does it sleep? Who feeds it, or does it find food on its own?

So many questions, so little blog space lol

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not My Night

Sometimes I do not think I am ready for the people I encounter, the places I go, or the things that happen to me. One of those sometimes was tonite .......

We decide on a different Chinese place to eat at first of all, and that was a mistake. We walk in, was seated and realize they have a buffet. Not to sound snooty, but I generally do NOT like buffets. Of any nationality of food. This was no different, but my husband decides to go for it and try the buffet (altho he is not usually a huge fan). I order just some lo mein noodles - which turned into an ordeal. The waitress was so hard to understand and so abrupt, that it took me the 3rd try to realize she was trying to get me to decide on if I wanted chicken, beef, etc lo mein. I think she thought I was odd, as I had to be the only one in the restaurant that was not eating the buffet. She repeated everything several times, even when we shook our heads yes or no, or replied yes or no. Actually, it seemed she would not take 'no' as an answer. My husband's water ran low, she asked if he wanted water (err twice), he said no - but yet she asks again and reaches over to pour him some water. At the end of the dinner, she tells us we have free dessert ...... free dessert .... free dessert. We decline on the friggin free dessert, only to have her shove a bowl of ice cream under my nose asking 'ice cream?' *uughh*

And it was not just the waitress I found annoying! There was a Mom bouncing her kid up and down on a table diagonal from us and someone behind me in their booth that kept whispering 'help me, help me'. Or maybe that was the voice in my head! lol

Monday, January 28, 2008

Wahoo! My 51st Blog Post =)

Ack, what a day! I had to go in early to make up time for a dermatologist appt I had in the afternoon and I am actually surprised I made it to work by 7 AM. I was not feeling well last night, so I took a muscle relaxer and a shot of apple korn (courtesy of our awesome friends L&C =)) and was pretty much out for the most of the night. I *did* manage to stay awake during our drive to micro center (umm.... only to find out they were closed already). And I was still awake when I decided I HAD to go to to Sheridans for some sorta dessert. My husband, needing no encouragement, drove us right there - where I had a strawberry concrete (yumm.... strawberries are my 2nd fav next to chocolate =)). I managed to eat it all by the time we got home - which is quite impressive if you knew how close our house is to Sheridans lol

But anyway! Got in the door, threw away my empty Sheridan cup, got my laptop out, leaned back in the recliner with laptop on umm... lap.....and FELL ASLEEP. Needless to say, I had tuned in to some 'rich bride, poor bride' show that my husband found a little too 'girlie' for his taste, so he headed downstairs to dote on his guitars a bit =) I wake up about an hour later and realize he isnt around, and went downstairs to find him. I found him, said sumpin I have no recollection of now, and promptly fell asleep on the futon downstairs. I wake up another hour later and see my husband isnt aorund again, walk up the stairs, find him and fall asleep yet again once I found him.

Yes, yes... I know. So sad. So pathetic =)

So I was a bit zoned going in to work today, but managed to get thru the day and get to my DRs appt. I have this spot on my face thats grown some that I was worried about, so I thought I would have it checked out. First time at a dermatologist and I am not sure I will go back lol If anyone has ever seen 'Independence Day' and remembers the wacky scientist dude played by the Star Treck guy (err..... dont ask me how I know he was Data ... err... ummm.... anyway!) in that movie - THAT is what my dermatologist was like. She was WAY too interested in moles and freckles and such - and the way she came at me with her goggles - almost bumping into me in her haste to see some really funky skin thing she may or may not have seen before made me feel a little uncomfortable. Honestly, I think if I had told her I had a spot in between my toes, she would have taken a look at it. She seemed disappointed I only wanted her to check my back and face lol

Seriously tho, when someone starts talking about the life of a mole with utter enjoyment (and not the furry one that buries holes underground), ya gotta wonder about her =)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday Night TV

Uhhh..... do ya'all know there are actually 'fight clubs'? My husband and I are sitting here watching a TV show about a group called 'Dog Brothers' that is a fight club - and they really do beat the crap out of each other! Granted, they are wearing padding and face gear, so it isn't *quite* like the 'Fight Club' movie, but still.....

But hey! the people in charge of this TV channel are nice enuf to all of the sudden put a pop up in the corner of the screen saying, 'Taboo foods - Live Delicious Maggots', to break up the tenseness you might feel at watching the fight club show =)

Ack......seriously? Maggots to eat? People to beat? Aren't I neat? The rhymes I speak? lol

Monday, January 21, 2008

Yayy! A Day off of Work =)

I actually am surprised I am up already, as I have been pretty lazy since my husband has gotten home. Yesterday, we didnt get out of bed until noon! That must have been the reason I wasn't sleeping well last night then - even tho I didnt go to sleep until 2 A. Plus the fact that I had some vanilla coffee that my friend, C, gave me =) And well.....I did read my Queen Elizabeth book before bed, and that will make anybody have bad dreams and wake up constantly lol Its pretty awful the way they decided to kill people back then. Not to mention the fact that anyone who potentially had power, wanted power, or even thought about having power was usually in line to be beheaded or sumpin'. I need to start reading a lighthearted, silly book before bed and leave the serious, depressing stuff for during the day I guess!

So anyway! Here I am, up and about before noon on a typical work day and I am not sure what to do with myself lol I have fed the dogs, so I have done my duty there. I *could* exercise, but I am gonna wait for my husband to get home so that we can do it together. We have 2 Nordic Tracks now, thanks to our friends T & C =) Actually, their Nordic Track is fancier than the one we had/have before. We may have to alternate, or I am gonna get jealous that my husband's is nicer. Yeah, I am a weird freak like that lol

All kinds of time on a Monday, what to do? What to do? =)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When it Rains, It Snows

Well, at least today anyway! It started off gloomy today and then Mother Nature decided that a little rain might be nice. After awhile of raining, I guess Mother Nature was bored - as it started spitting snow. And then it is now coming down even more *uggh* Altho, to be optimistic about it, it is the nice fluffy happy kinda snow lol

It has been that kind of day today tho =/ My work day was consumed by many stressful things and one would think by the time I got home, everything would be just spiffy. Once home, I soon started on my supper - which basically consisted of a container of yogurt with some granola in it and mashed potatoes. The latter was a disaster, as I got lazy and decided I didnt wanna have to dig out my beaters to mash them and instead I used the blender. I rationalized that it does basically the same thing, but by the time I pressed the 'mix' button, I realized what a goofy idea using the blender to mash potatoes was.

There are a couple of things that make this fantastic idea of mine not work. They are:

#1 At the bottom there is the blade that does the work. Which is fine and dandy until all of the potatoes get stuck down around it. Once I was done, I had to spoon it out - which still left some potatoes stuck around the blade. Sooooo......'lil ole me does not want to waste any possible potatoeeey goodness, and unscrews the bottom to expose the blade. I then lick around the blade, as the spoon still wasn't doing its job, to get every last single drop of potato. Yes, I am quite talented that way. I am able to do stupid stuff like that without cutting my tongue. Well....ummmm...most of the time lol

#2 When you mix potatoes in a blender, they do not MIX - they do not BLEND - they do not a single darn thing those buttons on the blender says it will do to what you stick in there. They just 'swirl' around and occasionally grab a potatoe that hasn't been mashed and do something with it. And the lucky potatoes that do get attacked by the blade end up more like cool whip or meringue. So by the time I sadly was spooning it out, I had fluffy potatoes with potatoe chunks here and there that didn't make it in with their pals. Honestly, the chunky potatoes win my vote, as the rest of them were a bit too fluffy for my taste =) I guess thats the price I pay for being so darn lazy!

Even tho today was stressful at work, it did amuse me when I took a break to google 'muscle spasms', as my body has been really hurting lately. Too much exercise probably, did waste a few minutes of my work day. And it gave me a much needed break from the stuff I was dealing with. But anyway! There was a bunch of stuff that came up, one of which was a disorder called 'Ehlers-Danlos syndrome'. Curious, I look at one of the links for it that gave information. Under the 'Outlook/Prognosis' section, it says:

People with EDS generally have a normal life span. Intelligence is normal.

Is it just me, or did you even stop to think about your intelligence with this syndrome from the get go? lol I mean, I guess I am glad that I will be of normal intelligence if I do have it, friggin weird to put that there!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Janice Dickinson/Britney Spears

Alright, why is Janice Dickinson commenting that she would slap Britney Spears silly worthy of a msnbc headline? I am not saying that I totally disagree with Janice, but when did her comment carry so much more weight than other things that are happening in the world? In case ya wanna read the article, go to You will find it not worth the time they spent writing the article. Maybe slightly entertaining, yes.......but basically all it is if 'fluff' - just something to fill in the website page.

Why does this bug me? I guess maybe if my husband was around and I didn't have so much free time on my hands, I would not take the time to blog atcha all about it. But I think its just slightly goofy to take one person's opinion and turn it into 'news'. Its not news - its an opinion! And I am quite sure there are a bunch of people out there thinking Britney Spears is a mental case right about now and needs a reality check. But wouldn't it be more intersting to observe the opinions of the people of the US as a whole on it, than centering around just one person? Not to mention, this person that msnbc deemed so important to write about has had her own time spent in rehabs.

Does that make her an expert on what Britney needs? Or does this just conveniently give her some media attention , so that her model show she now has on the air does not do poorly? I wonder if she is having people go 'Janice Dickinson? who is she? what did she do?' lol

I suppose, in defense of msnbc, they do have the article categorized under 'entertainment' =) But I always thought that is where deaths, births, new shows/actors, etc etc all went. I never knew that it was a spot for the occasional 'celebrity' to spout off their intended wisdom for the whole world to read.

And no, I am not jealous that they haven't posted my opinion(s) on msnbc lol

Friday, January 11, 2008

Plain Ole Friday

Do you ever just sit in front of your computer and not do a single thing? Never hit a key? Barely even blink at the screen? Just sit there and stare, mesmerized by what is in front of you and not even really register what IT is that you are staring at?

Thats pathetic ole me right now - altho it certainly isn't helped by my husband being out of town for a week. I missed him days before he even left, and now I feel a bit lost without him here. Maybe blabbin' atcha all will get me out of the funk I am in =)

My husband and I did have some pretty awesome massages the other day. It was our second time to this place, and the way our bodies have been aching (whether from the sudden committment to exercise or the fact we have been fighting off some sort of cold/flu I dunno), we were looking forward to it days before our scheduled appointment. I usually have a terrible time relaxing, which is why I just have them give me a deep tissue massage - that way if I don't relax while there, I will certainly relax after I have left there lol

Karma, our oldest daschund, is now back to possibly having Pituitary Cushings =/ Altho, at least this is the lesser of the two she could have, so I guess I should be happy. And the specialist we have been taking her to says with the new medication they have, it is a 'controllable' disease. Soo.... we shall see! We did take her to her new vet, and she thought it could just be her being so allergic to stuff/food, that her liver ends up working too hard. She even gave Karma an acupuncture treatment =) Who knew dogs could get acupuncture done too huh? I personally like acpuncture better than massage most times, as they just stick you with the needles, leave ya alone for about 20 minutes, take them out, stick you with some more and leave ya alone for 20 more minutes. That way you can lay there by yourself - and just let your mind wander. Altho, if you dare to even move with the needles stuck in you, you will wish you weren't alone!

Speaking of minds wandering, I better post this blog entry before my mind decides that staring at the screen again is the better thing to do =)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sock Progress, Diet and Things Not There

Yay! I have made some decent progress on my sock, and even tho I am stumped on one section - at least it appears that I have been trying to accomplish what I am sure everyone thinks is impossible for me to do. Finish a knitting project! =) It is rather annoying that I have 2 blue needles and 2 purple ones I am knitting with and they do not all color coordinate, but I am gonna bend the rules this time and just get the friggin' sock done - I will think of it as maintaining 'feng shui' by knitting with 2 blue and 2 purple needles. Altho, honestly, part of the time its more like 2 blue and 1 purple or 2 purple and 1 blue, but..............


Today has been a pretty good day, even tho I haven't been feeling quite my normal spiffy self. I think its the drastic reduction in chocolate intake that has done it to me. But one of my resolutions is to lose some weight, and even tho chocolate tastes heavenly, I will try to have some sort of will power over it and drink some green tea instead *feeble yay* Normally, I do love hot tea, but normally I would have it on my terms - not as a substitute for something else I would rather want *heavy sigh*

The last two days have been a bit stressful, as I have had my husband tease me any chance he could get about a goof up I made. I know, I know.....thats what husbands are for, right? lol I think it was a mistake anyone could make - I saw a big clump of mud on the highway and thought it was a turtle. Granted, I had just thought on our trip to NYC not long ago that a Wal-Mart bag was a bird, so I suppose it would appear there is something either #1 wrong with my eyesight or #2 wrong with my brain. My husband apparantly decides that is must be the latter and so proceeds to go on about EVERY friggin' thing that we see on the road.

'Wow, there is a turtle....... no wait, thats just mud'

'Wow, there is a box turtle ..... no wait, thats just a BOX'


Ya know, he should be glad his wife sees the beauty in things not there! Oh wait, did that make sense? lol