Saturday, February 23, 2008

Swan Upping

Hmmm ..... no wonder the swans are biting if they are supposed to be made into dinner someday! We will be in trouble if cows get that smart =)

What the heck am I talking about? See below - I have copied and pasted for your entertainment pleasure lol

Queen Elizabeth ‘sorry’ for swan bite
But palace says it's a myth that she's responsible for all of them

LONDON - Elishia Stevenson wanted an apology when she was bitten by a swan. So she wrote to Queen Elizabeth II.
The 6-year-old girl from Cornwall, south west England, wrote to Buckingham Palace because her mother told her the queen owns all the swans in Britain. She decorated her letter with flowers and a picture of a swan with a sad face.
A lady-in-waiting responded, saying the queen was "sorry to hear about the swan."

Though the queen doesn't own every swan in Britain, she does own certain mute swans in the Thames. This tradition goes back to the 12th century, when roast swan was considered a delicious dish, and continues today with the annual "Swan Upping," a census of swans on the Thames.
David Pogson, a Buckingham Palace spokesman, said the idea the queen owns all the swans is a myth.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ladies First

I was headed to a DR appt the other day and I had to wait for the elevator to get to the floor where my DRs office was at. At the elevator was an older couple, an older man and lil ole me. When the elevator door opened, I wait for everyone else to go into the elevator before I did. Instead, the single older man waves me and the other gal with her husband on ahead of him. We all walk in ahead of him and the older gal with her husband says 'thank you' to the single older man once we were in the elevator. He replies:

'Ladies first I say'

She again thanks him. To which he replies:

'Its a dying art form'.

And which got me to thinking - has that kind of chivalry died in a sense? I know my husband opens doors for me, but I know that there are guys out there that do not do that anymore. I started to think about why it even mattered - as I tend to go on ahead and open my own doors. I think its not just the 'ladies first' policy. It is the act of chivalry itself ya know? It just reminded me a of a Liberty commercial I like on TV, with the basic 'pay it forward' motto. One person helps someone and someone else notices and helps someone else, and then that someone else helps another person and it continues to go on and on.

I just think its awesome that sometimes it takes a single older man waving you on ahead of him into an elevator to realize one of the most important qualities of all in a human being .....

And I think the world could use alot more of it =)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Same Store?

My husband and I went out to get something to eat at McDonalds yesterday and drove by the area where the grocery store we usually go to is at. Well, USED to be at - it was a Dillons and it is now a Price Chopper. I love Dillons, so needless to say I was pretty darn unhappy. I flipped the store off along the way to McDonalds and pouted as we pulled into the McDonalds' drive thru line to order. My husband then tells me, 'Well, it is basically the SAME store - to which I pout just a bit more.

It is NOT the same store - everything in there has Price Chopper stamped all over it. They have different standards than Dillons, they have different stuff than Dillons, they are NOT Dillons *sniffle*

To pacify me, as we pull out of the McDonalds drive thru line and go by what used to be Dillons, my husband yells out:

'Price Chopper is the mark of the Devil. Bring back Dillons - Price Chopper is Evil!!'

Normally, this would have me shrinking in my seat, hoping no one saw me, but I have to say I grinned and laughed - knowing my husband said exactly what I thought but could not yell for the world to hear lol

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Magnified Mirrors

We were in a hotel on Thursday night that had one of those magnified mirrors for gals to put their makeup on and such. And after spending about an hour in front of it, observing every little pore, hair, wrinkle and more - I wondered if magnified mirrors were just an evil marketing ploy to make a gal feel bad about herself. I bet the people who make those magnified mirrors also have a makeup line, lotions and cleansing products to wash away any dirt, pimples and wrinkles you may have. I bet they even have their own plastic surgery office set up somewhere in every city, ready to whip out that evil mirror and ask:

'Yes, I see what you mean. That HUGE wrinkle right there? We really should do something about that'

So many evil people in this world, I swear lol

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Waiting at the Airport

Here I am - sitting and waiting for my flight out to Boston to see my husband and dealing with a very underwhelming internet connection. I need to get online with my college I am gonna start taking classes with, but ironically, I only seem to be able to access hotmail and my blog. Arencha all lucky? lol

I am really not liking the people I have around me either =/ This guy who seemed glued to my side when I was in the magazine/snack store getting something to eat, is sitting a couple of chairs next to me. The person behind me seems to shift her weight alot, as I keep feeling my seat move a bit every so often. Or maybe its the gal next to me who is busy chatting up a storm and wiggling her feet like she has had 3 energy drinks or something. I dunno, and I don't care - actually I do care, but what am I gonna do about it? Hey! I know...... I will gripe atcha all about it =)

OK, it IS the latter gal, not the gal behind me - as she suddenly turned around to look at something and moved the whole friggin ROW of chairs *sigh*

Maybe I am just being a bit more grumpy than usual, I will try to give her the benefit of the doubt. I did have a stressful day at work, even tho I was not there the whole day. Not to mention the fact that I have not got much sleep in the past few days. Last night I managed to get to bed at 1:30 A, but was up by 5 AM getting myself and the dogs ready to go for the day. Ya know, I don't care what anyone says, dogs take just as much work as a kid. Especially when one is slower and stubborn and the younger one a crazy baby. Yes.... a crazy baby ... as one minute she can be running around tearing the stuffing out of a pillow, and the next she can be curled up next to you, glued to your side for reassurance you still love her =)

Alright, I am gonna stop typing atcha all, cuz I am about to go postal with the gal next to me wiggling her friggin dumb feet =/ I think I need a prozac or sumpin lol

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2:38 AM and still awake =/

Not sure why I am unable to fall asleep tonight, or rather morning by now. Altho, I did fall asleep for a few hours when I got home, so I am sure that doesn't help any. Not to mention, my husband is gone cuz of work, so I tend not to sleep as well when he is gone. So .... here I am, bloggin' atcha all when most normal people are in bed lol

When I got home today (err, yesterday =)), I saw a sticky note on the door - saying that I had a gift and that they will either try to deliver later, or I can call the below number for a good time to stop by. I decide to call, even tho I had basically nothing to do tonight that would require me to leave, and found out it was a promotional deal. They informed me we had a 'free gift' and it had to do with some home security system. I grumpily told the gal we did not want it and hung up, as if we were going to invest in something like that, we would contact them to begin with. Not to mention the fact that I was irritated that they deliberately mislead me by placing the note on the door. I am sure they knew people will call, as its almost Valentines Day - so people (or at least I thought this) that perhaps someone (like my husband) had sent me something a day or so early.

Oh well! I was probably not in the best of moods after finding out at work that they were going to go with 'more qualified' applicants for the job I applied for. In one way it was a relief, as I am not sure I wanted the job after all, but....... it would have been nice to have been given a chance to show what a darn awesome choice I coulda been for them lol

Alright, its 7 more minutes until 3 AM, so I better try and get some sleep. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Don't Lose That Part of You

I am sitting here watching the movie "Pretty Woman' and it really got me to thinking. Yeah ..... believe it or not, a movie like "Pretty Woman" can do that to me =) I blame it on my husband for taking off to the east coast for work, its gotten me all sentimental and stuff lol

Seriously tho, its basically about a woman who didn't have much who met a guy who had it all. At least monetarily .... she had what he needed emotionally I think. It really got me to thinking about what is important - and I really think its not loosing touch with who you are. Julia Roberts (aka Vivian) was always who she was - and I think that is what Richard Gere (Edward) fell in love with. And I think its important to never to lose touch with who you are - no matter how old you get, no matter how many kids you have, no matter how much money you get. Always never lose that part of you that led you to your ultimate happiness ya know?


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just When You Think You Know Someone

My husband and I were driving back from Lawrence after trying a Mexican restaurant that my friend, L, recommended when the unthinkable happened. Well actually, it was 'thinkable' on my husband's part, as he proceeded to do it - just to my utter dismay lol

We stop at a gas station, since we were basically on 'E'. It took quite awhile to get to the next gas station since leaving Lawrence, as it was snowing a bunch, covering the ground and making the drive a bit tricky. While my husband was outside at the gas pump, I decided I would be 'funny' and lock the doors so he couldnt get back in quickly. I did know he had a spare key in the gas cap at the time, and saw him go for it - smiling as he reached for the door and then opened it, feeling pretty happy that I knew he would do that. I was in the process of voicing that to him when all of the sudden he throws a snowball at me ..... in the truck ...... at my face ......

Yes, I sat there with eyes closed and whimpered , pieces of snow slowly sliding off my face and could not believe my husband would do such a thing to me. And needless to say, he laughed all the rest of the way home and I did not lol