Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ain't I Purty? =)

It is nice to be in my own little world at times, I just don't think that some people really think its nice that I am lol

Not that long ago, my husband and I were returning a car he rented from Hertz. Therefore, that meant I needed to follow him to Hertz so that he will have a ride home. Not to mention, it was almost lunch time, so we figgered we would 'kill two birds with one stone' - as the saying goes.

We had to stop by the gas station that was close to Hertz, however, in order to fill up the gas tank before we returned the car. I decide that I need to put gas in my jeep as well, which my husband decides to just take care of - so I got to sit in my jeep and wait till the transactions were completed.

I soon heard a 'sh*t, gawda*nit*' come out of my husband's mouth, and realize that the gas machine was telling him he needs to go inside and get his receipt(s). So I soon occupy myself with messing with my phone a bit, and then fussin' with my hair - deciding I needed to braid it a bit to keep me from not being bored while waiting. Cuz really..... if you don't braid your hair for even a day or so, you may not be as capable at it when you do it the next time ya know? lol

However, the way I braid my hair is a bit 'out of the norm' - I tend to grab the hair that is more directly in front of me and therefore, when the braid is completed and I look up, well... my husband says it best. I look a bit like a unicorn - as it sticks straight up and doesnt look pretty at all.

So anyway! Thats what I was doing when my husband taps on the jeep's window - which doesnt phase him much, as he is used to seeing me do that sorta thing. Altho, when I open the jeep door to get the candy bar/pop he picked up while he was in there, he remarks:

'The gas station dude thinks you are odd'.

And to which I retort:

'Nuh uh!'

But then I look up as my husband makes his way to the car he was returning and see an old man at the pump, trying to get the machine to print a receipt. However, his hand was stopped in mid air and his mouth slightly open, and he was staring at me - staring at me like braiding my hair that way was the most ODD thing he ever saw. And he was STILL staring at me as we left.

Now all I have to say is this - surely he has seen worse things then a gal who braided her hair at an odd angle right? And despite the odd angle it was in, isnt he able to truly appreciate a good braid when he sees one? lol

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Small Pond, Stupid People

I have to gripe about this - it seriously has me peeved off right now, so if ya want a happy post, well..... this may not be it lol

Our subdivision has decided to have random spots in the subdivision area that have small ponds. And really, they are not even legit ponds - they are man-made - and therefore never were a part of the landscape. More like water reservoirs...... where they dig a fairly large size hole in the ground and fill it up with water and fish.

THATS not what I have a problem with - its the people that decide they are going to friggin FISH there. WTF is wrong with people? How classy does that look? Do they friggin think that the subdivision people put that pond - and those fish - there *just* for them to walk one block down from their house and catch the fish? Why dont they just get a pistol and shoot in the pond? Why even put the work into fishing if you are going to be that F'N lazy?

AND there are signs that say 'No fishing' - is there a special added fee these people pay to their homeowners association in order to fish there? I am thinking not -I dont remember it being offered to us anyway - but maybe we look/act classier than I thought lol

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Was it Sumpin' I Said?

Never a day goes by that I do not wish I did not say or do something. And its not because I am horribly outspoken, its mostly cuz I have horrid luck.

My husband and I were at our typical Mexican restaurant establishment the other day, having our more or less typical Mexican meal we tend to order. My husband was not in a talkative mood this night tho, so I felt the need to carry on a full-blown conversation with mostly myself. However, its funny when you know someone is finally paying attention to you - as I soon found out.

Not many people were in the restaurant, but some of the few that were there were right behind us in another booth. They seemed to be a rather 'proper/polite' family - somewhat reminding me of a 'Leave it to Beaver' episode. Kids ask questions only when they need to, and only in the most appropriate manner. Parents there setting the most 'wholesome' example they could by not saying any cuss words, not being rude, or raising their voices much.

I decide to start talking more to my husband, mentioning that I was talking about his daughter at work. I had been asked how old she was when we married, and I had mentioned that she still had the dress she wore at our wedding. I remarked that she is not able to wear the dress anymore, because she has 'teenage parts' now.

I go on to say how a gal at work laughed about me saying that, and retorted:

'They are called boobies Lisa'

Well, in telling this story to my husband, the last 'boobie' comment happened to be made quite loud and at the exact moment the family behind us had a lull in conversation.

Needless to say, that lull in conversation seemed like it lasted for an eternity. However, it just seemed like it, since my husband was pointing behind me and I was aware of my ....err.....error.

But seriously, didnt even the 'Leave it to Beaver' cast say 'boobies' at some point in the show? No? Well, what da heck were they called then? Or did they just pretend they were not there? lol

Monday, July 6, 2009

Letter to Me

The other night my husband and I were watching the movie 'The Patriot', which has Heath Ledger and Mel Gibson in it. It was a typical night - one of those nights that we accomplished the eating dinner part and were sitting in front of the TV with our respective laptops surfin' the net and watching the TV. Trying to do my best in finding a show we would both like and not get the sighs and rolled eyes/glares that shows like 'Whose Wedding is it Anyway?' and 'Clean House' do - I ended up finding 'The Patriot' on TBS and settled in to watch it.

There is a part in the movie where Ledger goes off to war, but wants to write to Anne - the gal he is smitten with. Soon, you see Ledger sitting in a tent in his uniform writing one of the first letters to Anne. It talks about the war, but how he misses her and wants to see her also.

Not to let an opportunity pass me by, I sigh as loud as I can - which effectively gets my husband's attention. I then comment that I never get letters like that - and give yet another loud sigh.

My husband shakes his head and goes back to surfin the net - or so I thought. I soon get my Outlook notification saying I had an email. I open it and read:

Dear Lisa,

Thus far, the fight rages mercilessly. As long as we fight, our numbers will grow. It is my hope that my duties will bring me to your area. It is my hope that I will have the chance to write, and pray tell, see you soon.

Your obedient servant,

Chief Operating Officer


XXXXX Sante Fe Trail Drive
Suite XXX

XXXXXX, XX 77777

000-000-0000 direct
000-000-0000 office
000-000-0000 fax

Need I write more =)? Notice the work signature on the bottom? He was doing SO well up until the end lol