Thursday, January 19, 2012

Home Improvement 101

There are a bunch of websites, blogs, twitter & Facebook pages and more out there that have *something* to do with helping you with home improvement tasks. However, none of them *really* address the realities of home improvement. None of them really tell you that you will not be *that* overjoyed in the process. To me, it is kinda like a woman in labor - painful, way too long, but at the end of it all, it can be worth it. IF everything turns out as planned...

Anyway! I am not going to tell you how much I have enjoyed the many months of home improvements we have done. I am not going to tell you that I would recommend everyone do it at least once. And I am not going to say that one truly appreciates the result more if he/she does the work.

I am going to tell you the signs that it may be a good time to take a break. I am going to tell you when maybe - just maybe - you have taken on too much. And I am going to tell you that any of the good and bad things/events/etc below are a sign that *maybe* you should find something else to do with your spare time during your day. So, uh, here goes...

Good: You start enjoying long/hot showers more.
Sad: You wash your hair. You soon realize you are unable to find the bandaid that was on your finger. You soon find it IN your hair.

Good: You start applying more lotion to keep your skin from drying out.
Sad: You realize parts of your legs and hands are not *really* dry. They are just covered by grout.

Good: You go to the dentist and find out you do not have any cavities.
Sad: You go to aforesaid dentist with a bandaid on your finger & a large burn on your elbow from your curling iron.

Good: You start to feel comfortable around your masseuse.
Sad: You feel so comfortable with your masseuse that you invite her to your party to celebrate the end of the home improvement projects.

Good: You drink an alcoholic beverage to 'unwind' at the end of the night with your significant other.
Sad: You drink so many beverages you have to restock continuously before your party.

OK, I guess 5 'tips' are enuf for tonight lol

Be well. Hire a contractor =)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life is What You Make It

I have to agree with the title of this blog post for anyone except me...

What makes me so special? Well...

#1 I can paint a cabinet and have the paintbrush somersault out of my hand onto my shirt and then bounce off on to the slate floor. Yes, I *could* laugh about it. Yes, I *could* act like it didn't matter. BUT it was my F'N shirt and newly tiled floor and less than 2 weeks away from a huge party at our house. I don't wanna laugh - I wanna cry.

#2 My youngest pup thinks I stink anymore. She covers her nose while she lays on MY chair that I covered with MY blanket and squints at me like her eyes are watering. OK, *maybe* I can convince myself it was the candle I was burning. Maybe ..... IF I could convince myself that the last few months of home improvements have not improved ME.

#3 My last post about the moisturizing balm? Yeah - that didn't happen just once over the last couple of weeks. It used to be that I could learn from my mistakes.... anymore? it is too hard to remember how many mistakes I need to rectify.

#4 My highlight of the day? For me, it is to lay on my office floor and take a nap. What's wrong with this you say? Well, the pups are on MY chair in MY office and think I am too stinky to be around to curl up next to me. AND, I am friggin ASLEEP - how sad is that?

OK, ok.... yeah.... yeah.... that is the point of the above saying. Life is what YOU make it. So I guess in order for me to be more happy, I should do the following:

#1 Pay someone else to paint for me.
#2 Shower more.
#3 Take some herbs to enhance my memory.
#4 Steal my blanket from the pups to make my chair less appealing so the pups nap with me more.

Well, crud, if I type it out *that* way, it doesn't sound too hard lol

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


How did y'all bring in 2012? A party? At home? Neither? =)

I really did not do anything much myself. Well, I *kinda* did - as I was busy doing a lot of painting & miscellaneous housework that needed to be done that day. But did I party? Nahh, not really. I did have a rum & diet coke to relax a bit from all the house stuff I had been doing. But by the time we headed off for a late dinner at Tanners (which consisted of nachos & more diet coke/rum), I thought I felt pretty sober. So I am not sure I can blame what happened in between the house and Tanners on alcohol *sigh*

Despite being splattered with paint, wearing jeans that had belt loops that ripped off when trying to yank them up over my hips, and a button up shirt that is about 15 years old..... I headed out to Tanners with my husband. In a desperate attempt to look *somewhat* classy, I started to put on makeup, add carmex to my lips and then try to massage some moisturizing balm into my hands. All of this went well up until I wondered out loud where the lid to my moisturizing balm went.

My husband replied that. "Maybe it's on your lap."

And me? Well, I automatically think he is being a smarta$$ as usual and go 'Ha, Ha - how funny! Seriously! I can't find it..."

And as I say a few choice words, I dive into my purse looking for it. In doing so, I hand my moisturizing balm container to my husband to hold.

I hear him snort with laughter, but I continue to dig thru my purse. I look beside me, underneath me and hear my husband start laughing and as I turn around to say that "it's not funny, I can't find it...", he lift the container up to show that its *sitting* on the lid of the friggin moisturizing balm.

Men are evil I say lol