Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This One Time @ An Offspring Concert

Someday I am gonna look back on this event and be happy that I have something to remember it by - instead of having it be just like any other concert my husband and I have attended.


My husband & I took his daughter, a friend of hers - and then met up with a friend of mine at City Market in KC this last Friday. I was pretty darn excited, as I love 'The Offspring', and its nice to start Memorial Day weekend with sumpin as kewl as that ya know?

Altho, I ended up being anything BUT kewl at the concert. Surrounded by guys/gals with ear plugs, numerous body piercings, a bunch of tattoos and a wide array of hair color - I was one of the very few who looked 'normal'. We had actually managed to get pretty close to the stage for the main act (Offspring) and I was standing there getting more and more impatient by the minute.

Perhaps thats why I did not think when my husband - who suddenly had a beach ball in his hand - told me to hit the ball. This ball had been everywhere already, and it looked like it finally had gotten to me. So I smacked the ball......

Right up front. Right by the security guard. Right by the barricade.

Instantly, I heard at least 1/4 of the crowd 'BOO' me. My husband's daughter and her friend turn around to look at me, laughing. I turn around and look at my husband, who is doubled over in laughter.


So what does a person do in that situation? I was at a loss - not sure whether to be embarrassed, pissed off or apologize. Seriously, am I the only one who has EVER done something like that?

Wait - dont answer that lol

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some Things You Don't Wanna Know

The other day I decided to sing a random 80's song while in the truck going somewhere with my husband. Problem with me singing most songs is that I usually only know a couple of lyric lines, so in order to make the most of the 2 lines I do know, I tend to sing them over ..... and over... and over =)

This particular song, I decided to be a little more 'dramatic' with my singing, so my vocal range was quite extraordinary. Needless to say, this got my husband looking at me like I was a bit odd. Just when I thought he was doing extremely good not saying anything about my choice of song & my ability to only memorize 2 lines of most songs, he starts laughing.

I was not ready for this reaction at all, which made me pause and ask why he was laughing. He explains that my singing reminded him of a Nascar commercial he had seen. And me, not *quite* sure that I wanted to know why it did, but too curious *not* to ask why - asked why.

He tells me that the commercial is for Carl Edwards, and that they are suggesting 'signature moves' he can do (as Carl is known for his backflips). My singing apparently reminded him of the 'Wounded Unicorn' move.

Is it just me, or is that not really a compliment? lol

Monday, May 11, 2009


I am *really* getting tired of the ants we have coming into our house. I do believe they are morphing into 'super ant' mode - as it takes a lot to kill them. Not to mention, they must've all developed brains, as their survival skills involve tactics that most insects would not have considered. For the most part, they are all in the kitchen sink and/or counter when I do find them - so I am happy that the kitchen cabinets have managed to do their job in keeping them away. But everytime I go to smash an ant, it takes me several tries because they have started working out or sumpin' and sprint away from the paper towel I usually find acceptable to smash them with. And on multiple occasions, I will raise the paper towel to find the ant motionless on the counter, only to have it take off again unharmed. What da friggin heck happened that a 5 '6'' person is unable to smash a teeny tiny ant? The F'N ant *should* have died darnit! So needless to say alot of times, I try the drowning technique - which usually works, altho I think they all have now decided all members of the ant colony need to take swimming lessons because that doesnt seem to kill them either *uggh*

To add insult to injury, these ants have gotten to be picky eaters. There was a plate that used to have nachos on it earlier in the day not long ago that they ALL bypassed in order to go get the tiny crumb of something better a little further down on the counter. Altho, I could use that to my advantage *evil laugh* I will bake a cake - leave a piece of it out on the counter to have all ants fight over. Either they will get grumpy with another and hostile and kill each other over the delicious cake they scored, or they will eat so much they will feel ill - which will slow them down and enable me to kill them quicker =)

I AM disappointed in my youngest dog tho. She eats June Bugs. She eats rotted leaves. She gnaws on plastic blinds. BUT somehow she doesnt seem to think that maybe she could be useful and eat the ants for me.

Or maybe she is smarter than me and knows that killing ants is a friggin waste of time lol

Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to Strike Fear in the Eyes of Your Husband

  1. Comment that you want to plant some flowers. Endure the remarks that you will kill anything you plant.
  2. Make a trip to Home Depot not long after comment and see gladiola bulbs. Endure another comment by husband about how you will kill them. Decide to get them anyway - despite the sighing and rolled eyes husband gives you.
  3. Plant gladiola bulbs. While waiting for bulbs to grow, endure comments that you probably planted the bulbs upside down and that you have killed them already.
  4. Notice that 2-3 weeks later that gladiola bulbs ARE indeed growing. Get really excited, make numerous comments of your own that they are growing. Show husband the area you planted them in order to give him proof that you do not kill ALL green things.
  5. Mow lawn several weeks later. Have husband weed eat/trim while doing so. Finish mowing front yard and stop to pull any weeds that are amongst your gladiolas - notice that one of the gladiolas looks like a rabbit had munched on it.
  6. Look at husband weed eating/trimming. Look at gladiola. Think to yourself that you have never heard of anyone say rabbits got ahold of their gladiolas. Look back at husband weed eating/trimming. Decide it was husband's fault that the gladiola ain't looking so great.
  7. Stop what you are doing. Go get husband and bring him back to the gladiola area. Point to shredded gladiola. Firmly tell your husband that WAS a gladiola.
  8. Have husband's eyes get big - have husband curse and defend himself by saying he thought it was a weed. Have husband hurriedly go back to weed-eating/trimming.