Monday, November 15, 2010

A Bunch of Griping

My husband goes to get his skin checked out at the dermatologist the other day. I try to be the ever helpful wife and circle any and all areas on his back that may be of concern. Not only does my husband return with the name of every friggin spot labeled on his backside, I get to hear how she retorted 'is she joking?' on one of them I had circled.

OK, first of all, I am not a dermatologist. I do not watch dermatologist shows. I do not google about dark moles, pinkish spots, oblong spots, or any other kind of skin condition. I have a life. I have things I have to concentrate on. And geez.... I circled the f'n things first thing in the AM - give me an F'N break.

And you know what? I think next year, I am gonna circle *hundreds* of spots. I am gonna draw in some spots. I gonna write on his back what I think of her and *then* see what she says.

Yes, I am so brave when I am not the one who is going in there lol

And thats not all thats been a pain in the a$$ lately. I want to go to Germany next year after I graduate from college. I find the application online for a passport. I notice both my husband and I need to get pictures taken. We went to our local post office and they were not taking pictures that day. We went again, and they were not taking pictures until an hour later. And of course, we are too busy to go later, soo....

We go another day to do so. We wait for the gal to take our pix for quite awhile, but it does get done. I manage not to take the ugliest picture of myself, so I was pleased. A couple of weeks pass and then we go back with the applications, birth certificates, etc we need to file for a passport. We are told again to come back later. We actually are able to come back later and then are told they are not doing passports that day, why dont we try another post office?

REALLY? I truly know what they mean now by going 'postal'. Thanks for wasting my time ya know?

Another 2 weeks go by and we head off to a different post office. They are doing passports, and there is just one family before us getting their paperwork done. The lady behind the counter seemed to really think she found her long lost friend in the wife, tho, and was chatting about everything under the sun. She managed to contain herself after a bit and finally finishes up with them and then it was our turn.

Our turn to find out that my passport picture is 'too big' for the application. Even tho we went to a post office that should have f'n known how big to make them. The applications were double sided that I filled out, and that is a 'no-no' too. So we refill the paperwork, and I get my picture retaken - so now I look like I have a double chin in my picture cuz she had me tilt my head down. Or maybe I *do* have a double chin, it certainly made me feel fat the rest of the f'n day =/ I think my husband had to try to assure me I wasnt about 20 times after that. And to assure me that lipo is not the answer lol

So I *think* I have a passport being processed now. Am sure they will get it and decide the application should have been written in blue ink instead of black or something, tho *sigh*

K, thats all the griping I got for y'all right now lol