Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Trim Pesky Nose Hairs

Apparently Dr. Jessica Wu from Hollywood has had someone tell her that I have a pesky nose hair problem, as I received an email from her today lol Oh yes, lovely spam email - never a day goes by that I am not annoyed or amused by you.

So anyway! I thought I would share this one with ya'all =) And insert a few comments here and there lol

Q: I met my fiancĂ©e's parents for the first time recently, and all was going well until I noticed my future mother-in-law staring at my nose. When I looked in the mirror, I saw that there was a huge hair protruding from my nostril — I was mortified! What's the best way to get rid of nose hairs, or at least make sure they're not visible to anyone else?

A: Stray nose hairs might embarrass you sometimes, but nasal hair does serve a purpose. It acts as a filter, keeping dust, pollution, and bacteria from passing through your nose and into your lungs.

If your nose hairs are crossing the line, here's what you can do to rein them in:
First, put your tweezers down! (Uhuh, yep - cuz like, EVERYONE thinks pulling their nose hairs with tweezers is not really painful at all, and thats the first thing they WANNA do) I know it seems like the quickest and most obvious solution, but bacteria like staph can grow inside your nostrils, and plucking can create an opening in your skin, allowing the bacteria to penetrate and spread. Several of my patients have gotten staph infections from tweezing their nose hairs, and I don't want that to happen to you. If you notice signs of infection, such as oozing (gross!), crusting (nasty!), pus (really gross!), redness (could be worse lol), or pain (err, ya mean your nose aint gonna like you ripping sumpin out of it? just sayin'...), make an appointment to see your doctor.

Instead of tweezing, trim rogue nose hairs with a clean pair of cuticle scissors. I recommend getting a second, separate pair for your nose because you could spread infection by using the same ones that you use on your cuticles.
When you start trimming, stick to the hairs that protrude outside your nose. Don't try to trim hairs that are too far back in your nostril or too close to the surface — you might pinch or stab your skin. To be on the safe side, consider getting a pair of Tweezerman's round-tip Facial Hair Scissors ( <-- wow, friggin ORIGINAL website name =) and why is is tweezerMAN and now tweezerGAL? I mean, we ARE talking about a gal with probs with nose hairs after all!

Avoid battery-operated nasal hair trimmers with rotating blades. These tools can be difficult to hold still and they can tickle your nose (lol - but at least you arent in pain right?), making it harder for you to get the job done. They also tend to pull the hairs out, which can enable bacteria to enter your skin.

Finally, get in the habit of checking your nose hairs before going out (you betcha!! should I have my husband check my nose hairs too? just in case ya know....) — and make sure you grin when looking in the mirror because sometimes nasal hair only protrudes when you're smiling.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Electricity Out

Here I sit at Ixtapa's Mexican Restaurant with my laptop, a margarita, some chips and some loud mouth people courtesy of our neighborhood having a transformer blow and leaving us with no electricity. Normally, a margarita would put me in a happy mood - but the loud mouth people are ruining things for me.

When we first arrived, we were only the second customer at the restuarant. And everything went really well at first - they put us near a power outlet for our laptops, set us up with the biggest margs they had, had wireless internet to connect to and changed the TV channel to the Nascar race for my husband. Maybe we didnt have electricity at our house, but darnit - things were looking up at Ixtapas.

Or rather, until the kid sitting behind us started to cry everytime she ate a chip. It wasnt a small cry - altho to her credit - it wasnt *quite* a wail either. But she sounded like someone just smacked her across the face - and the only reason she was crying because of the chip, was because it had 'rough' edges and it hurt going down. Was there a medical reason for her thinking it hurt? No......Was there a reason for the parents to act like she was the center of attention? No....But they all did anyway, and since I was sitting right behind them, I could hear every word, every cry, every sniffle...

EVERY single F'N sound....

Well, they did finally leave - which made me happy. However, they were replaced soon after by a a guy and gal (father/daughter). The daughter was old enuf to have a kid and was talking in a loud voice about how her kid told her last weekend that she had way too much to drink.

Let us reflect on this comment shall we? How F'N white trash do you have to be to make that comment? How bad is it that your KID has to tell you that you have had too much to drink? How bad is it that YOU have to talk loudly about it a Mexican restaurant when the person behind you is furiously typing on her laptop?

Needless to say, this sort of conversation continued the whole time they were behind us. The daughter mentions getting together with her friend later, the Dad makes a comment about how her friend is hot. Seriously? Its a good thing that I was done eating, because the conversation was getting a bit nauseating.

To make sure we remembered them, the Dad burped not once - but twice - as LOUD as possible and blames it on his daughter. They then finally get up and leave, as my husband and I look at each other. He was mildly amused - me? More extremely agitated.

Honestly, next time I guess I need to drink my margarita quicker. Either that, or burp louder lol