Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wait a Minute, Mr Postman!

I have developed a lack of faith in our postal system - largely due to the postman we have been assigned in the KC suburb in which we live. Not to say that I have been impressed with the post offices elsewhere either, tho. Let's just say the ability for them to do their job effectively has led me to believe they only employ angry, unhappy people.

Our latest problems started in Deadwood, South Dakota on the day we were going to leave to come back home from the Sturgis Harley Rally. Box was found to ship our dirty clothes so we didn't have to have as much on the bike on the way back. Box taped, box had address added to top of it, and box was paid for, and the estimated arrival date was 4 days later.

We arrive home and wait the estimated amount of days for the package to arrive. We wait another 4 days and still no package shows up on our doorstep. Needless to say, we start to worry that there was someone with a dirty laundry fetish - yet, the only recourse we have is to call the Deadwood, SD post office for clues as to where it went since we did not pay to track it. We had to head out of town, so we decided to wait another 4 days before calling.

And guess what? We were greeted by a post office pickup slip saying we had a package to pick up in our mailbox when we got back into town. It even said this was their 'final' notice. Not only were we greeted with that, but we also had a box stuck in the mailbox that the postman amazingly managed to fit inside. It was stuck in there so well that my husband could not get it out. He had to cut open the end of the box and pull out what was inside.

I was not surprised that this pissed off my husband - the postman has made me grumpy by doing this three other times. Yet, I was surprised to hear my husband declare he was writing the postman a note. He disappeared downstairs for a bit to get a pen/paper and when I saw him next he presented me the note for my review. And uhhh... well, uhh... I will spare y'all with the letter in its entirety, but it began like this:

"If you insist on being a jackass, I will insist on calling in complaints."

So, anywhooo lol Note was added to mailbox, postman came the next day and left more mail and left box/note inside. We are not sure he saw the note - as we dunno if he even bothers to look inside the mailbox before stuffing stuff in. This led to my husband calling the postman's supervisor and complaining - to which the supervisor reassured my husband that the postman would come back that afternoon and take out the box if we will leave our key in the slot.

Key was left - and we take the note out. Afternoon/evening went by and still key/box was there. We take the key out too, as we are not comfortable with other people having access to our box. Early this afternoon the dogs start barking - I managed to get to the door a few minutes later because I was busy getting dressed for an interview. Guess what I find on the doorstep?

The empty box the postman was supposed to remove! It appears that the postman now wants to be a smartass instead of a jackass lol

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sturgis 2011

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a love/hate relationship with riding on the Harley with my husband every year to Sturgis, South Dakota. This year was not any different, as I had lots that I endured that I found not to be an 'ideal' situation. For instance, a yellow bug hitting your pants leg and splattering over your pants and your nearby thumb is NOT cool. One would say its actually kinda gross.

One would also say that riding on a Harley through a rain/hail storm is not an ideal situation either. Or smelling guys/gals who decided that taking showers are overrated. Or seeing gals who decided that its too hot to wear anything except pasties on their upper portion of their bodies. Or making the trip up there and back with a severe cold/sinus infection.... Or...

Well, you get my point =)

However, there are a lot of other things that made the trip worth it. Like the fact that at one of our stops we saw a hefty biker guy sitting on a bench outside a gas station with a chihuahua held lovingly in the crook of his arm. Like the fact that everytime we hit a bump, my husband would reach back and pat my leg reassuringly. Like the fact that I saw prairie dogs popping out of their holes to look around as we were riding down the road. Like the fact that the biker guys we saw up there would hold the doors open for their gals. Like the fact that my husband bought me a stuffed rabbit and before we headed off from a stop, he pulls the rabbit's plush paw out of the saddlebag to 'wave' at me. And like the fact that there were some of the most beautiful skies on this trip that I have seen...

And with that last bit being said, I will post one of my pictures of the sky I took =)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Disagreement

The other night my husband and I had a disagreement - which led me to decide I was going to go sleep elsewhere in the house. I took my iPad and headed to one of the spare bedrooms, turned on a NetFlix movie, put my headphones on and tried to forget about how peeved I was at my husband. To my husband's credit, he did come to see my not once - but twice - to get me to come back to bed. However, I wanted to make sure he knew I was mad, and refused to do so.

My husband goes back to bed, and as the Netflix movie ends, I fall asleep on the spare bedroom floor. Soon after, I realize that there are crabs biting and pinching me as I lay there. It started off with just a couple, and soon at least ten of them were biting me. And as I start to cry out and swat at them, I wake up, grab my blanket and start running down the hallway.

And halfway down the hallway I stop...

I realize it was a dream and I was still angry at my husband lol So I go to the other spare bedroom and fall asleep on the floor there. My husband soon after came and woke me up to tell me to come to bed for a third time, and I grudgingly obliged.

The next day I relate my story to him and he remarks that I was probably dreaming of crabs cuz I was 'crabby'.

AND that's when the next fight started lol