Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Karma Ghia - 4/19/93 to 4/22/08

I have started this blog post and erased it more times than I can count. I honestly do not know how you can put into words the feelings I have right now about Karma passing away today. I do know that she was more than just a dog to me, that she will never be replaced. It actually makes me feel ill just typing this out, like it makes it more 'real' and maybe its just all a bad dream that will be erased with a good night's sleep. I have so many questions and not enough answers, I have so many times I still want to share with her that are gone now. I have a house that feels empty without her, but yet I can still feel her here.

But she is not here, and that thought will continue to make me ache inside for a long time to come. I hope she is happy where she is right now, I hope she remembers how much we tried, how much we cared. I hope I have the strength to carry the special moments she gave me in my heart and eventually smile when I think about them.

Karma Girl, you touched my life and so many others....

I will always remember you.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

All Energy Drinks Are NOT The Same

I just got done drinking an energy drink that had coffee and energy drink in it, and I must say, it was friggin nasty! Not one to waste a $2 energy drink, I decided to keep drinking it after the initial couple of sips - even tho I had already determined that it had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Needless to say, I would still be drinking it if my husband had not come upstairs and taken it away from me lol

Anyone ever try the coffee/energy drinks? Am I just bein' a wuss? Nahhhh..... that can't be it =)

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Bad Night

We killed a deer tonight on our way to get dinner =/ It was awful, as there was no way my husband could stop in time for the deer. I was devastated, and am glad my husband is more level headed than I am when it comes to those sort of situations, as I was crying and being utterly pathetic. Luckily, we were only going about 20 or so miles when we hit the deer, but it still did some damage to the truck. And the deer did not live .......

It is awful to witness the death of an animal. It did get up after being hit, but it stood there a bit dazed and looked at us with eyes that knew something was not right. It slowly shook his/her head, twitched its tail and gradually fell/laid down in the road. The deer's eyes started to roll backward and it started to twitch its tail again, and then ...... he/she was gone =/ I cried the whole time, knowing from the moment it looked at us, that the deer was not going to run off the road and recover elsewhere. It knew. I knew. WE all knew that it was bad. And all I could do was cry. All I could do was hope that it was a quick enuf death so that it would not suffer.

My husband was able to call 911 and let them know to come, tho. In the meantime, we had a fire truck with several firemen aboard, go by and then turn around to help. They got the deer off the road, which was a small blessing, as I think its horrid how an animal's body will be left on the road for someone else to hit it or to just decompose publicly. Would we want OUR body there for everybody to see?

Anyway! I know I am glad the accident was not worse - my husband definetely does not need to be in a major accident with his back problems. And the truck will be fixed up before ya know it. But, I still feel awful about the deer, and I hope its in a better place right now - romping thru woods, making new friends, with no roads or vehicles anywhere.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Day at Yoga Class

I have successfully completed my first day in Yoga class! Yayyy me! =) I did not think my husband and I would be able to participate, as we were almost 10 minutes late getting there, but we walked in just as everyone was introducing themselves. Altho, about halfway thru the class, all my husband could do was glare at me and whisper that he 'hates me' lol Granted, it WAS a bit harder of a workout than I had anticipated for us, so I was having a tuff time of it too. I have to say, I am NOT the most coordinated and flexible person, so the poses/stretches and such she had us do made me sit there grimacing. And just when I think I had enuf, she comes over and helps me stretch my leg further on one of the exercises.

'Can you touch the wall?' she asks.

'Ummm ..... no.' I reply.

To which she helps move my leg and demonstrates that yes, I CAN touch the wall. However, she was totally oblivious of all the tendons and muscles in my leg screaming out obscenities as she did so =O

But anyway! Other than that, today was fairly successful - except for my lunch hour when I sat there eating my tuna and crackers for lunch in my jeep. It mentions on the lid of the can you can pull it open or use a can opener. Ummm......hellooo?? Why do they need to rub it in that I do not have one at the moment? lol So I did pull the lid up and splattered tuna juice on my pant leg. I then sat there for about a minute staring in disbelief at my leg and already noticing the nice, pungent tuna smell on me. However, I am hungry and decide to sit there and finish my tuna and crackers and deal with the tuna mess on me later.

Needless to say, the rest of my day had people avoiding me cuz of my funky smell lol