Monday, March 31, 2008

Best Buy, Pomegranate Juice and the Demise of Dillons

Just in case ya'all did not know - Pomegranate juice is bad. Very, VERY bad!!!!

My husband and I have been home about an hour after going out to do a few errands. I was surprised we made it back within a decent time, as I spent a decent part of it in Best Buy's restroom. And believe me, I did not want to use it - but I did not have a choice *sigh* Its just really horrid to have to walk in a public restroom, all the while hoping they cleaned it sometime that day. You walk in and go past one stall that is occupied, go past the next one cuz its right next door to the person occupying the stall you just passed, go by another stall cuz its .... uhh... well, its just plain gross. And THEN finally make it to the stall #4 that appears to be the winner.

We were about to leave the store when I had to make the trek right back to that wonderful Best Buy restroom =/ So needless to say, I can tell you that the Best Buy's restroom in Overland Park does not have faucets you can just wave your hands under and water appears. And they do not have auto paper towel dispenser things either. But they do have some really funky, foamy soap that made me wonder if I should be washing my hands with it or not lol

I did need to make a stop at a grocery store for pop, as we are having a food day tomorrow at work and that what I volunteered to bring. My husband noticed a Dillons on the way back from Best Buy and stopped there, knowing I love Dillons (kudos to my husband huh? lol). However, we walk in there and at least 3/4 of the store's shelves were empty. You can tell this immediately walking in, and so my husband and I turned right back around (after staring in at the store from the door area with omg looks - well, me anyway!) and headed back to the truck to find another grocery store.

I told my husband I couldve done without seeing that lol What a goofed up night - my Dillons stores are going out of business and Pomegranate juice lies to you about all the good it does for ya. What is this friggin world coming to? =)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Can You Hear Me Rooooaaarrr????!!!

That was kinda the theme for the night, as we took my husband's daughter to see a band she likes called 'Silverstein'. They were not bad, but the other opening acts (one of which was Devil Wears Prada) was a huge scream/yell fest =/ It was pretty humorous to watch the first band get down with their bad selves by headbanging in unison, only to break for a bit by jumping up and down in unison, and then back to headbanging in unison lol

I honestly do not understand the whole scream/yell thing myself. You usually do not understand a word they say when they do. They also do not do it in a way that adds itself musically to the song. It's just a bunch of rude, overpunctuated, overemphasized slur of words that come out of the person's mouth. The only thing I believe you can take away from the experience emotionally is irritation.

Anywhooo! =) Silverstein was fairly good, tho - not so much scream/yell - more melody sorta thing. However, they overkilled the lights - sending out white eye piercing shards of light every 2 minutes or so. There was no way you could still see the band or what they were doing when that happened. I told my husband that I felt like one of the blind mice in the movie 'Shrek' - walking about with my cane and sunglasses lol

BUT my husband's daughter seemed to like the show. Plus, she got a Tshirt with Silverstein on it, so she was pretty darn happy. So the temporary deafness and blindness was worth it =)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One Small Bird

Poor me. Poor, Pooooooor meeeeeeeeeeee *sigh, sniffle,sigh* I am sick with the flu and it ain't no fun I tell ya! Altho, I have to say that the codeine cough syrup I have been prescribed ain't too bad. Well, it does taste awful, but it does make me feel happier lol Altho, I am starting to see things that are not there - like I reached down to pet one of the dogs on the bed and found out it was not a dog at all, but a brown fuzzy blanket.

To which I went, 'whoooaa' in amazement lol

I have to say, I am not sure it is the codeine alone that does that, as I DO have a tendancy for seeing things that are not there. Heck! Ask my husband - am sure he will give you all sorts of stories =) However, the other day I DID see something that was there that amused me some. I had to wait at the library's parking lot with the dogs while our house was bein' shown. I park the jeep, push the seat back and hear a 'fizz' noise. I instantly know what happened, and got out of the jeep and opened the door to the back seat to get the can of energy drink that was spitting everywhere - to my older dog's enjoyment lol

Everything got settled down after telling one dog to stop licking at the carpet where the energy drink was and the other to hush cuz she was barking like she was some sort of bad a$$. There was about 5 minutes worth of silence when I hear a drilling sound.

And then I hear it about 5 more times, as I look around trying to figger out who/what is doing it. I think it sounds like a woodpecker almost, and look up at the light post next to me and see nothing. I look down at the base of it and and a bird with a red spot on its head looks around the post, tweets away as if laughing at me, hammers with his beak at the pole and flies off.

After a few moments of saying to myself 'I knew it!' and laughter, it was about time to head home. I have to say that one small bird made my day, altho when telling the story to my husband later on, he did ask if it was really a McDonalds wrapper I saw instead lol

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Today we are supposed to 'spring forward', but I am still in bed with our two dogs lol I hate once we get used to having the time one way, they gotta go friggin change it on us =/ So I am bein' a lil extra lazy today to make me not feel so ripped off =)

Speaking of dogs, my oldest one is now somewhat famous! The new vet we have been taking her to has been giving her acupuncture treatments once a week for her liver problem. They had someone in there the other day taking pics of Karma with the acupuncture needles in her, and now her pic is on the front page of the community newspaper - 'Lenexa Sun' I believe its called =) What a proud, proud day in my life *Lisa happily sniffles* lol

And speaking of acupuncture, I had an appt for acupuncture yesterday myself. It went pretty well, considering I am not a fan of having needles (no matter what the size) stuck in me. I was kinda in for a rude awakening when I got dressed and went to the front desk to pay, tho. The acupuncturist gal asked me what I was gonna do for the rest of the day, and I said I would probably clean house as we have a house showing in a bit. A gal who had been sitting there waiting for her acupuncture or massage session, suddenly asks me in a loud, tense voice who my agent was. I sleepily tell her, and then she just as tensely asks:

'Don't know her, whats the real estate company you use?'

I tell her again, and she said our agent still does not sound familiar, and she was a real estate agent for 5 years. I am thinking that being a real estate agent made her forever tense/stressed now. If ya'all had heard her bland, stressed out voice, you would agree. Or maybe its just me bein' in a 'zone' from coming out of my acupuncture session. Whatever it was, I was not ready for it lol

But I was reminded of a 'Friends' episode where they were all talking about 'what ifs'. In it, Phoebe actually had contemplated being a trader with the stock market. Everyone was surprised and she said that she actually was pretty good at it, and part of the show was about if she had done that work instead of being a massage therapist.

Hey .... wait a minute .... I see a trend here lol

Anyway! Phoebe was all tense, stressed and eventually had a mild heart attack from it. And I seriously wondered if the gal sitting at my acupuncturist's office was headed down the same path.

OK, I suppose I have done enuf rambling on stuff, I suppose I can get out of bed now lol

Monday, March 3, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Here I am. Yes, it is I - Lisa Marie. 'Lil Ole Lisa Marie. Here to blog atcha all - cuz it has been a few days. And well, cuz my husband went to my blog and asked me when I am gonna blog next lol

Today was a stressful day at work, altho I had a pretty darn good weekend despite feeling a bit under the weather. I got to see all the cool knitter gals on Sunday, my husband got some work done on the shelves he is building in our storage unit (believe me, having a husband happy he was productive makes for a happy wife =)), and I got to hang out with my friend A and her husband. Not to mention, my husband got a chance to have his daughter hang out with us as well.

We all went to eat at a Mexican restaurant after the knitting get together. About 2 margs later for my husband and a marg later for me, and none for A (since she is pregnant) or her husband (cuz he probably just wanted to watch us be goofy after drinking margs) - we were talking about all kinds of stuff. Within reason - as my husband's daughter was there and we do have *some* standards lol

We did get to talking about singing songs - and how I tend to irritate my husband because I never remember more than one or two lines of a song. And I sing those one or two lines over, and over, and OVER. I find it quite humorous - and actually, if you think about it, if you sing the same line over and over, you are eventually bound to sing it on key. So the way I look at it, I am sparing my husband from something even more irritating lol

It is bad that the lines I do remember of songs are typically not the songs I would generally sing along to. For instance, 'Viva Las Vegas' - those 3 words are the only words I know of the song. And I will sing them baritone, acupelo, bass, dramatic baritone, acupelo that warbles, yodling bass, a Marilyn Monroe-esque number, and more. Usually by the time I go thru about 3 of these, my husband is telling me to shut up =)

Honestly tho, I think its better to sing what you do know than sing the rest and act like you know what the words are myself. Doncha all think the same? Back me up here - my husband needs to be put in his place lol