Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well y'all, we made it to our first stop of our Sturgis Harley Rally trip. Wasn't sure I was gonna - wouldve been easy to just poke me and have me fall off the bike lol But anywhooo - there seemed to be a theme of the #14, such as:

14 - Items on my body: 2 socks, 2 shoes, a tattoo (old one, not one gotten for this occasion lol), jeans, undies, tank top, bra, sunglasses, 2 rings, helmet and ponytail holder =)

14 - Times I looked at my hands during the ride thinking they didn't look 'quite right'

14 - Times I pouted when I found out that our stop was not in Sioux City, but Sioux Falls.

14 - Trucks/Vans pulling trailers with their bikes loaded inside *SIGH*

14 - Life sized dolls at a gas station/truck stop's glass case staring at me as I was sitting on the bench across from them while husband went to use the restroom.

14 - Times I reminded myself why I married my husband (nahh, not really - sounded good tho right? lol)

All in all, its been a decent trip so far - couldve done without the sunburn I have, and the sign advertising for a Mexican place called Senor Weiner, and the construction, and well.....

Someone needs to invent time travel damnit lol