Sunday, July 27, 2008

Isn't That Called Cheating?

I got a magazine the other day when my husband and I were at Home Depot getting some stuff that was titled 'Taste of Home: 5 Ingredient Recipes'. Naturally, I thought it was pretty spiffy to have a list of recipes only requiring 5 ingredients - until I opened the magazine. AFTER I bought it I might add.

I thought about not bloggin' atcha all about it, but the more I thought about it, the more I had to tell SOMEONE. After all, it has been awhile since my last blog post, so why not gripe about the contents of a magazine I bought? lol

Anyway! I was under the impression that the 5 ingrediants would still mean you would be actually making most of the entree/dessert/etc. However, it lists things you can buy at the store already friggin made, and tells you how you can put them together to create your mouth-watering masterpiece. Here is a list of some of the 'recipes' that made it into the magazine:

Onion crescent rolls - Guess what the main ingredient is in this? A tube of refrigerated crescent rolls. Genius I tell ya!

Ranch Style Pork Burgers - Yep. Uh huh. You make hamburger patties out of ground pork and put it on a bun with some ranch sauce. Seriously. I dunno why I never thought of that before lol

Ginger Iced Tea - They really outdid themselves on this one. It only took 3 ingredients - ginger ale, iced tea, water.

Creamy tomato soup - Some advice here. Instead of spending 4 bucks for a magazine that tells you that you can combine milk and tomato juice to make soup - spend at least 3 bucks less and buy the cans of tomato juice themselves. Am thinking the tomato juice makers *may* have thought of this one themselves already.

Inside Out Sandwiches - One word. GROSS. I ain't flippin' my sandwich inside out so that I touch the slimey sandwich meat inside. Altho, in their defense, they suggest wrapping them up tightly with plastic wrap lol

Honey Cinnamon Butter - OK, while I am a fan of this type of butter, how friggin stoopid do they think we are that we dunno what goes into this? And just to spell it out to us further, they suggest serving it with muffins, toast, bagels, etc. Dangit! And here I was thinking of having a pot of honey cinnamon butter all by its 'lil lonesome.

OK, OK..... I will hush lol I seriously go could go on and on a bit more, but I think ya'all have the idea =) I think I am just peeved I spent 4 bucks for the magazine, when I could cheat my way thru my scrumptious dinners I cook for my husband all on my own!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Five Things You Should Not Do, See or Hear on a Sunday

1) Opening your puppy's mouth to see what to see what she is munchin' on, only to have a ladybug fly out of her mouth and freak ya out.

2) Sitting in a booth by the window at Eldridge House in the morning havin' brunch and seeing a tall, skinny guy with buzzed hair, wearing a hospital gown, knee high red socks, and pushing a stroller with a doll in it made of old socks.

3) Listening to your husband yell the 'Timmmmmyy!' line from South Park over, and over, and OVER, and.....

4) Walking up the stairs of your house, only to find dead June Bug carcasses on almost every step that then get picked up with a piece of toilet paper and flushed down the toilet.

5) Give your puppy her second bath for the day because you thought she had puked again in her pet taxi, only to find out the brown you saw, was just her.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

There has been alot of things lately that make no sense to me it seems. Starting with buying towels at the store - why are 98 percent of the super fluffy (and most wanted towels) have a stripe of 'non fluffy-ness' at the ends? It seems they want to make a strip at each end to be decorative or something, but takes away inches of 'fluffy goodness'. I don't wanna grab a towel to dry myself off and be like, 'ohhh, awww..... so soft.....hey! what the F?' Do they put these strips on each end to warn you the you are nearing the end? Are they trying to save money by not putting in these extra few inches of fluffy-ness? The only ones that are purely fluffy towels are ones that seemed targeted to kids - with wild, wacky prints or colors. I guess its a sign of maturity if you graduate to the towels with the strips at the end. Hmmm - what does that say about me then? lol

Also, I am not sure why June Bugs were created. I find them extremely annoying, and they really do not serve much of a purpose. Heck, if I read right when I googled June Bugs, they only live a year. So whats the point? Why is it necessary for them to be born and fly around and buzz and be friggin annoying? And oh! Why da heck do my dogs think they are so friggin tasty? I do not need some June Bug swimming around in my dogs' tummys - altho I am sure they are probably off to June Bug Heaven before they even reach there, but.... I am seriously afraid to open up my door anymore. It reminds me of that Alfred Hitchcock movie about the birds - or the old scarey movie about the huge spiders - where there are WAY too many of them, invading the city - invading our homes - invading our lives.

OK, I better stop, I think the energy drink I had earlier is letting my imagination get the best of me lol

Friday, July 4, 2008

A New Puppy Named Sadie

Well, it has been a pretty laid back 4th of July here - but thats ok =) Relaxing a bit has helped my body recup some - as I have been fighting off a sore throat, sinus congestion, sneezing, etc etc crud for the past week now. I was pretty close to losing my voice, but I *think* I am safe on that now. Not that my husband would complain if I lost my voice lol

Anyway! The new puppy we have gotten has been pretty darn amusing lately. Well, she actually has been amusing ever since we got her - which is probably a BIG reason for my mood improving since my older one passed away. Our new dachshund - Mercedes 'Sadie' for short - continually reminds me of the older one that passed away. And maybe I am crazy, but I like to think its my 'Karma' coming back to me - knowing I need her. Like my husband says, she has been reinKARMAnated lol

But anyway, back to the amusing stuff =) It seems as if we have a place in our front yard called 'Mushroomland'. It is a place that entices young puppies - especially ones by the name of 'Sadie'. Every day, the dogs and I take a walk to the mailbox - taking the sidewalk because we are law abiding citizens and all lol EVERY day, Sadie starts off walking a straight line, right on my heels until she gets by 'Mushroomland'. Then suddenly she starts walking a bit crooked, and then she throws caution to the wind and takes off as fast as possible to 'Mushroomland'. I run after her, just in time to pry her mouth open and have the mushroom she just snatched up, taken out of her mouth. However, she has gotten fairly smart about this daily ritual, as she runs there and grabs a mushroom, clamps her mouth shut, and rolls over looking contrite - in the hopes, I will laugh and saw 'awww' and leave her be. Then she secretly eats her mushroom in peace =)

But I am the 'Dog Whisperer', I know her tricks *evil laugh* lol