Monday, November 26, 2007

My Eyesight, Some Artwork and a Goofy Dog

OK, I figgered since I still have some energy in me and I can finally see, I oughta add a new post on my blog =)

Ya know, your eyesight is something I think most people take for granted anymore. Well, at least I did until I had to go without my contacts for a week so that our optometrist can accurately test my eyes today. And of course, the glasses I had were realllllly, realllly old. They were better then nothing - but they gave me more headaches then going without. Soo....needless to say, I spent a week pretty much blind =/ Which was really crappy when we hung out with my friend, A, and her husband this last Saturday. We headed to the Plaza to see the John Lennon art exhibit and I was really bummed to not really see any of it. The ones I did see I was standing so close to that I am sure I probably peeved off the other people there to gawk. On the bright side of things, it was harder to see the price tags on the painting/pics lol

It is really funky to have your eyes dilated by the way. I felt like only my eyes were on speed or sumpin'. My pupils were friggin HUGE!!! Ironically, I was tired - but if ya took a look at me, it looked like I was ready to tackle anything. I shoulda took a pic of my pupils for ya'all to really appreciate what I am talking about =)

But anyway! I have been sitting in a chair in front of the TV for, well......for, like.....umm......for like pretty much since I got home lol I did get up a couple of times for leftovers from Turkey day, but otherwise my butt has went pretty darn numb from the inactivity. So I have sat here, laptop on, err.....lap....and watching our youngest dog bein' the goof she seems to thrive on being. I did tune in to the Nature channel where they were showing lion cubs playing for a bit. That was quite fascinating for our young dog - she stops with ball in mouth on the couch and stares at the TV at the lion cubs. She does this for about 5 minutes while my husband and I are almost crying - we are laughing so hard lol Maybe thats the problem with our youngest dog, she watches too much TV and thinks certain behavior is ok and gets freaked out by other things she sees. She IS a bit paranoid and scares easily - she is just a big baby wanting to be loved and reassured all of the time. Not to say I can't understand that, but....

I live in the real world where I know that won't happen *sniffle*

Just goofin! =)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

To ask or Not to ask?

This day has went quick - despite all the hiccups along the way =) Our day started out at the optometrists - as I had an eye appt. 'Lil ole moi is going to get lasik pretty darn soon, so had to go thru a round of tests to get ready for that day. I don't think my eyes appreciated it, as I had the most horrid headache for the rest of the day, but.....

We headed back home, as we had a 'stager' coming to our house to say what should be moved, what else should be done, etc etc to sell our house. My husband decides that he will see how observant the gal is and sets 2 magazines on our brassiere table in our living room. These are not any ordinary magazines - one is titled 'Prison Life', and the other is 'Modern Drunkard'. Please do not ask where, why, how he got these mags in the first place lol All I can say is that he does not have an alcohol problem and he has never been in prison. I personally think he just got them to save for days like today, but....

So the gal arrives, she looks our house over, suggests some things and mentions others. But she does not say a single word about the magazines. We know she had to have seen them - as she looked directly at them several times. The last time was when she suggested moving the brassiere table, bent down to start pulling it, looked in the middle of the table at the mags and promptly let go and declared it could wait. She then went to get her purse to get ready to go, mentioned a few other things and departed. Needless to say, I had a REALLY hard time not just bustin' out laughing - especially with my husband looking at me when she laid her eyes on the mags.

My husband said we actually did not do as bad as he thought, we wouldnt have to correct or change too much - which is good. But I have to wonder if she was too scared to mention that much stuff to us after seeing those mags lol Honestly, how could you NOT say something? Is that the kind of thing that is better not to ask? I can understand being polite and all, but I would have to remark on the mags myself if they were in someone elses house I would think.

But I guess if I would quit drinking so much and not be so understanding of the prison time my husband has done, maybe I would know better not to ask lol

Saturday, November 10, 2007

An Empty Tank of Gas

Not a good Saturday for me so far =/ I wake up at 6 AM to get to work by 7 A (yeah, was working on a friggin Saturday *mwaa*) and about 3/4 of the way there, I run out of gas. Granted, this was my fault entirely, but I was hoping that maybe, just maybe......I would have enuf gasoline to get to work at least and worry about filling up the tank after I put in my 4 hours. I was already running 'late', and did not want to have to stop and deal with it. If I had been rational at all last night, I would have filled up the tank then, but..... needless to say, I found out that when my jeep runs out of gas, it is totally, beyond a shadow of a doubt, OUT OF GAS. I desperately tried several times to start my jeep, and it died instantly.

So anyway! I was right past a major intersection and had managed to pull off onto the 'merge' lane - but still was in the line of traffic so to speak. I gave my husband a call and he was on his way with a can of gasoline. As I was sitting there, it occured to me that no one was stopping, no one was slowing down, and that no one seemed to care that I was stranded on the side of the road. The more I sat there, the more it started to disgust me that no one cared enuf to see if I needed help. There were numerous things that *should* have made them stop:

1. I had my hazzard lights flashing, so it was obvious something was wrong. Just being in the line of traffic, at a dead stop, should have given people a clue. They had no idea it was that I had run out of gas, my jeep could have died for entirely different reasons. I think the considerate thing to do would have been to stop and ask at least.

2. It was 7 A on a Saturday - surely not everyone had somewhere to be, surely not everyone had work to go to. Did everyone have something more important to do then to be considerate enuf to see if someone else needed help? Does it have to be a car accident before someone will actually stop or slow down?

3. Granted, everyone nowadays pretty much has a cell phone, so it is easier now for people to call someone to come and help them out. But how did they know for sure that I did have one? Some people don't........and sometimes, people even manage to forget their cell phone at home. I was not ignoring the people that passed by. In fact, I am sure IF anyone managed to take time out of their busy morning, they would have noticed a pretty forlorn, sad gal sitting in her green jeep. I was not scowling at everyone, altho I certainly felt like it after sitting there 15 minutes with NO ONE stopping to see if I needed help.

I just don't understand what happened to the days that people did stop and see if someone needed help. I can remember several times when I was younger and my parents' cars got stranded on the side of the road, that people stopped and asked - and helped if needed. Several people in fact......even if there was already someone there helping us.

I mean, really......WHAT HAPPENED?


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Step One: The Making of Caramel

I can now make caramel - woot, woot! lol However, the making of caramel did not help me finish my cooking project the other night like I had hoped. Despite having horrid results the previous night with the making of caramel, and having my husband tell me I can NOT make anymore - EVER- I decided to give it a try again =)

I had found a recipe for caramel/chocolate pecan spiders to make for Halloween and decided it was now time to branch out from my typical choco chunk cookies and occasional brownies to something a little more complex. Needless to say, the first pot of 'caramel' looked and smelled awful. But.......thinking I was being too critical of my cooking, I had my husband come and look at it. He looks at it, looks at me and I ask him 'So, does this look ok?'

It was met with an immediate 'NO' - so the pot got put in the sink with some water to deal with in the morning. The morning comes and I am running late for work and my husband decides to clean dishes. AND he decides to text me that I was not allowed to make caramel anymore lol It was pretty darn awful tho - it was basically a hard black rock of burnt smelly stuff =/

But anywhooo......tried again yesterday and was elated when the caramel actually started to look like caramel. Step One was now completed and I can move on and complete these edible spiders that I refuse to let get the best of me. However, the black licorice for the legs was not the 'string' kind and my husband ended up sitting at the table cutting pieces of black licorice into numerous skinny pieces to appease his adoring wife =)

I managed to get the pecans coated with caramel, the legs stuck on and the chocolate drizzled over the all of that without too much fuss. They sat for a bit and I decided to try one of them. I pick the first one up from the wax paper and set it on a plate and proceeded to pick up the others. However, the rest friggin STUCK to the wax paper *uggh* So there was a thin layer of wax paper on the bottoms of the spiders.


So, yet again, the spiders proved to be difficult for me to acheive. I figger I will give it one more chance eventually (after my husband forgets what a pain in the butt hardened caramel is to clean out of a pot lol), and if that turns out bad - no more spiders for me thank ya very much!!

I have to say, some recipes are sure misleading - they act like creating a spider out of food is the most simple act ever. I would like to see whomever made the recipe make them - as they must have a secret I dunno of!!