Sunday, December 14, 2008

Romance is Dead

Yes ya'all, I am sorry to tell you this..... but it’s true. What guys define as romance and what gals determine it should be are two different things. Let me tell you a little story about a long drive home the other night that a husband and wife were taking in order to get home from vacation.

Husband pulls over at a gas station in order to fill up the gas tank and make the necessary pit stops (i.e. snacks, bathroom, etc.) Wife waits patiently in the passenger seat of the car while said husband gets out and starts putting gasoline in the car. Husband stays outside by the side of the car, waiting for the tank to fill up. Wife decides to show her love by enacting a scene out of the movie 'The Titanic'.

Do ya'all know where I am going? That scene where they 'get it on' in the car, its all steamy in the car, and one of their hands reach up to the window of the car and slide down - leaving a handprint cuz there is all sorts of condensation on the window.

So anyway!

Wife puts her hand on the window of their car and slowly slides it down, putting on her most love stricken look possible. Husband squints at her, shakes his head and returns his attention the gas pump. Wife decides husband did not understand her intentions and again puts her hand on the car window, slides it down slowly and looks love stricken. Husband then glares at her. Wife decides he needs to understand just how romantic she is being and decides to do it a third time.

Wife's hand slides slowly down window. Wife looks love stricken. Husband then has had enuf and says in a loud voice (mind you, the window is up, so wife can hear him inside the car despite the window being up):

"What the f*ck are you doing?"

So then wife has to explain that she is enacting a scene of the 'Titanic' on the way into the gas station, to which her husband laughs and says:

"I was just thinking, da*nit! I am gonna have to clean those windows now"

Wife rests her case....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Margaritas and Monkeys

Vegas has been fun =) Inspired by our friends at the OJ party we had the other night, we decided to go to 'Margaritaville' for food and drinks. That was fairly interesting, as while we were eating, they stopped the music and put on a skit with 3 people on stilts and a blonde running around in a swimming suit holding a tray with margarita glasses on it. This skit was all done to the song 'Margaritaville' and ended with the blonde falling in a fake volcano (yes, that was built in the restaurant), only to climb out and slide down the volcano and splash into a blender full of fake margarita mix.

No wait! The blonde did get on some sort of swing and swing around above the bar after that. I believe THAT was the end.

Uhuh, yup.....wholesome family fun lol

Anywhooo .... one of the highlights of the trip so far for me is the other morning when I was in the shower. OK, stop it..... I am not going where you think I am going!

Anyway! I am in the shower, towards the shower head and then turn around to the other side - all the while closing my eyes in happiness from the burning hot water that I find so relaxing. I then open my eyes ...... and on the shower wall I see a picture and the words 'Death Monkey'.

And yes, the picture was of an evil looking monkey, fangs and all. This was left on the shower wall the previous night courtesy of my devoted, loving husband.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

On Da Road

Alright, this anniversary vacation has not gotten off to a great start. Yesterday, everything worked against us, so we did not get on the road until 5 P ish. The initial game plan was to be on the road by noon.... but.....well, ya know....

We slept in the car yesterday night and got a room at a Days Inn about an hour away from Flagstaff, AZ tonight. We were hoping to be in Vegas by now, but we were both wanting to get out of the car pretty bad after spending the night in it.

Plus, we did not make as good of time today as we wouldve hoped - probably cuz we felt skanky, tired, sore and slightly grumpy lol Some of the places to stop along the way are less than satisfactory, especially if you have to use the facilities. One of our stops had clean restrooms, but the employee behind the counter and the ladies sitting at a table eating their goodies they just bought were a bit disconcerting to say the least. Of course, the husband decides he is gonna check on the car, says he will be right back and tells me to 'go shopping'. Well, he took foreverrrrrrr ....... which wouldnt have been as bad if I didnt feel a bit weird listening to the gal with the mullet behind the counter singing Tobey Keith's 'Who's your Daddy?' song. I finally couldnt take it anymore and went outside to tell him he was taking entirely too long =)

But other than that, life is good lol

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Knittin' Fool

I can not feel my fingers .....

No, wait! I *can* feel my fingers. They friggin THROB - payment for the knitting I have been doin' lately I guess. My lower back kills me too *whine, whine* Knitting for charity shouldve been started a LONG time ago, but oh well.... am sure the kids in Haiti will appreciate the bears =) And I am sure the baby hats I am knitting also will look pretty stylin' on the baby's heads lol

My youngest pup keeps taking off with my yarn, tho, which doesnt help. Actually, it does help in a way, as it makes me stand up every so often and not make my back totally messed up. My youngest pup is usually not content to just take the yarn, tho. She must unravel it all the way out of the office, and then nose it down the stairs, so that it unwinds all the way down the stairs too *ughh*

Am getting to the point where I am tempted to let her have ALL my yarn - been knitting WAY too much =)