Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mr. Hedgehog

My pups have each found a new toy that they are in love with - Mr Hedgehog. Actually, there are *two* Mr. Hedgehogs in our house, both barely the size of a tennis ball and each a different shade of brown. However, one of the hedgehogs has apparently lost it's 'voice' (aka squeaker inside). In dog world, having a hedgehog without the ability to squeak it's distress at being slobbered and munched on is..... well... it is just not as fun.

Therefore, the quieter lighter colored one has been kinda forgotten about and the pups have been sharing the other. Although, since they are sharing one Mr. Hedgehog, it means that when one tires of it, the other picks it up. And the cycle repeats.....and repeats....and...

Well, y'all get the point =)

So when Mr. Hedgehog made his appearance the other night when I was trying to watch a show, it was expected. I was even ready for the irritation I felt about not hearing my show over the squeaks of Mr. Hedgehog. However, I was not ready for the response I got out of my oldest pup when I glared at her.

My pup looked at me. Blinked. And ever so slightly applied pressure to Mr. Hedgehog for a slllooooowww squeak.

And stopped. And looked at me as I snorted with laughter =)

Friday, March 1, 2013

210 Nature Sounds

Yesterday was a stressful day. Heck, it's been a stressful month. I have been on the road for work for a good part of it, and then when I am finally home, we have two epic snowstorms. And while in recovery/survival mode from the aforesaid snowstorms, I have tried getting caught up on other work while my body slowly falls apart on me.

Yeah, well...... moving on...

The point being that I needed to relax. I can be stressed out, ready for an early bedtime one minute and then once in bed, I am wide awake. So my initial remedy for it was to start listening to some flute music I had downloaded on my iPad once upon a time. However, after several days of it, I was getting to the point where I woke up and was like 'really? STILL playing that happy nonstressful flute music? gimme a break?? just quit.... QUIT....Seriously? play *something* else!".

Therefore, when I realized I was talking to my iPad like it has a choice of what it's told to play, I figured maybe I should start looking at some other CDs. So yesterday night, I downloaded another CD onto my iPad titled "210 Nature Sounds". I thought I had made an excellent choice - not only because the bits and pieces I previewed sounded good - but the ability to buy 210 songs for $9.99? Well, that's just a screaming deal if you ask me...

We will gloss over how long those songs took to download because the internet decided it had a stressful day as well and had turned in for the night. We will just go to the point where I realized I had downloaded enough of the songs to call it a night myself.

I turn on the CD and started with the sound of the ocean, the peaceful crash of the waves, a few birds randomly cheep quietly here and there, and then a minute into the song a seagull enters the picture. Yet, this is not like any seagull I have ever heard. I personally think this seagull saw a lady seagull on the other side of the beach and was trying to sound seductive. Which, and I hope no one likes seductive sounding seagulls, but that was just friggin disturbing.

Altho, in a sick & sad twisted way, it did help me sleep as this is what happened:


*mouth hangs open*

*exclaim WTF?! out loud*

*laughs hyserically until tears comes to the eyes*

*falls asleep because of the unexpected outburst of hysteria right before bed*