Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So like.....

.... my husband and I, were like, at CVS tonite ya know? And, like, we thought (after a couple of margaritas) that we needed to look for some baseball caps. Which is like, another story... but, like anyway...

We find some baseball caps and walk on up to the register ya know? To, like, get a price check on them? Cuz we sure as heck didnt wanna spend a bunch of money on baseball caps that.... well....for time's sake....had a purpose, but we didnt need FANCY hats for gawdsake...

So anywhoo....

We wait at the register patiently, and when up there, my husband states he needs to know how much the caps are. The register dude, ya know, like rings 'em up and all? And lo and behold, they are like, 15 friggin bucks a PIECE duuddeee!!

Husband exclaims "15 F'N bucks? No F'N way I am paying THAT much for baseball caps!!"

Husband then turns around to return them, and while he is there, I decide I need some gloves. I tell my husband that they are 3 bucks, but am still, like....second guessing myself ya know?

So as we are standing in the line AGAIN, I turn around and guess what I found?



Off I go to check the price. I scan the bar code. Nothing. I scan it again. NOTHING. I turn around and look at my husband and laugh. Customer in front of us ironically wants to have the construction board his 10 year old girl is holding scanned for a price check.

Like F'N really dude? Do you like, NOT see me here trying to scan a bar code on a pair of gloves at a price scanner you sick bastard? lol

Well, anywhoo...

The price scanner finally tells me the price of my gloves. I giggle with my silly accomplishment and take my place back in line with my husband. Dude ahead of us gets his construction board scanned for price at the same time, and he is like:

'WHHAAA?? How much??"

So off he goes with his 10 year old to return it as we pay for our 3 dollar gloves @ the checkout counter who looks disturbingly like Bobby on 'King of the Hill'.

So, ummm... like, does anyone else find it funny that there is so many cheap a$$ peeps at CVS? lol I dare y'all to go in small groups to CVS next time and have multiple items price checked, exclaim WTF and return them hehe

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Float

Sometimes you think something is a good idea - and you truly have the best of intentions - but it just never *quite* works out the way you had envisioned. Case in point - my husband and I's recent 'Float' experience.

There is a place here in KC area that has an enclosed area that has 10-12 inches of 'mineral-rich' water in it that keeps you afloat. That's all - you simply lay there for an hour and float in the water. The Spa proudly claims this as the first of its kind in North America, and judging from my husband and I's experience, it will soon be 'dead as a dodo'. Except, with the DoDo, at least they had some sort of purpose......altho, to be fair, am sure the 'Float' amuses all at the Spa - the sick b-terds lol

Anyway! My husband and I get there a bit early and get shown the locker/shower areas and the whirlpool area, and used the latter while waiting for our 'Float' experience. Once we were in the 'Float' area and left alone, we both got in to begin our relaxing experience. To my husband's credit, he did *try* to relax more than me - as for me, the whole time I find it amazingly funny.

Uhh, yup - funny lol I began to ask how we were supposed to float in the water, as I laid down in the salty-ish water and found that I did indeed float. Impressive? Kinda. Funny? Outrageously funny! For me anyway =) I immediately snorted with suppressed laughter, then just LOST it. I laughed and it somewhat echoed in the enclosed area, which made me laugh more. I then heard my husband sigh, and decided I better try to behave myself so that someone can benefit from this experience.

However, it went downhill from there.......granted, I did manage to go at least 10-15 minutes without laughing again. But during this time, I found the one main light in the area disconcerting and closed my eyes, but got bored and opened one eye - closed it - opened the other eye - closed it. I then floated myself over to my husband and touched him, which with another sigh, he pushed me away. I laid there, took a deep breath and tried *not* to be antsy. I thought what was the most 'serene' pose I could put myself in - and decided that I would lay there with my hands crossed on my chest. BUT, then I found that kinda silly, so I put one arm down to the side, then the other - and then thought that move was incredibly like the macarena dance. And, yes... I lost it....

I snorted, and laughed again lol

Needless to say, neither of us quite made it to the full hour. And, needless to say, I dont think either of us will be going back =)