Friday, January 4, 2013

Crazy People

This afternoon I watched a movie called 'Crazy People'. It was a fairly old movie starring Darryl Hannah and Dudley Moore - the latter (the person he plays, not Dudley himself  - that I know of anyway =)) checks into a mental institution. At first he hates being there, but then gets close with several of the people there. One of which is a guy who constantly says 'HELLO". Admittedly, this was kinda annoying at first, then cute, then kinda catchy. So by the time the show ended with its 'HELLO' song, I was practically singing along (as my husband looked at me like *I* was crazy).

Promptly after, the what do you want to eat? I dunno, what do *YOU* want to eat? I dunno, where do you wanna go? started. After 10 minutes of discussion, 10 more minutes in a car to the nearby restaurant and another 30 minutes at the restaurant, we were headed to Walgreens for some much needed supplies for myself.

Husband takes off to see if they have a door stopper for my bathroom door that always closes on its own cuz our house has settled funky, and I was off to get some meds and kleenex. I am still wandering aimlessly about 5 minutes later when he shows me the felted pads he picked up in lieu of a door stopper. I look at them rather dubiously, but decide maybe I wasn't in the best shape to judge. I finally find my meds and then announce to my husband:

"I stuuul need to, uhh, ffuuuiiind kleenex'.

Kleenex was found, stuff was bought, and my stomach was already gurgling over dinner. And yeah, not the happy kinda gurgle, more like:

"REALLY? you *had* to eat this crap??" kinda gurgle.

Needless to say, we made it home in a little less than 10 minutes since my husband sensed (well, I kinda tipped him off by warning him I needed a bathroom) that I needed to get home ASAP.

I hurriedly enter the house and go up the stairs to our bedroom, which has a bathroom off of it, knowing I needed some privacy. No sooner was I in there and, uh, ready to take care of business then I hear the bedroom door open and then close, and then:




To which I pitifully reply from the bathroom: "GOOOO AWAYYYYYYY"