Monday, September 20, 2010

Preparation H

Sometimes you pay the price of being too vain. Sometimes you really should just accept the fact that you may have a few freckles, some wrinkles where they didn't used to be and dark, poofy circles under your eyes. You should just simply celebrate the fact that your face marks where you have been, the things you have been through and indicates that you are confident enough to go around everyday life with them like they were the most ordinary, normal things to have.

However, that is not me. That will never be me - and I will always try to find way to 'improve' myself. BUT, sometimes in doing so, I end up doing REALLY stupid stuff.

I am a fan of Sandra Bullock, but I am not sure I will blindly follow in her footsteps next time when she mentions a beauty tip of hers. Perhaps I might do a little more research. Perhaps I might just sit and think about it for a bit, and realize that maybe, just MAYBE it isn't something I should go out and do.

Case in point: Putting Preparation H under my eyes to alleviate any 'poofy', dark under eye circles. I have been slathering that stuff on like it was baby lotion , ignoring the fact that it makes my eyes water, that it burns if it gets near my eyes or that I seem to break out with pimples like a teenage girl exactly in the area I slathered it on the night before.

And then the day came that my husband and I were enjoying a pleasant morning at Barnes & Noble reading magazines and eating breakfast, where I realized the stupidity of my actions by reading one little snippet of information.

" Preparation H Ointment depuffs eyes: True or False:
True.... but not the one sold in this country. 'Only the Canadian version has BioDyne, the ingredient that reduces puffiness. It was removed from the U.S. formula years ago.' says Dr. Woolery-Lloyd. So don't put it anywhere except your you-know-what!"

Need I say more? *sigh*