Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Trip to Florida

One slightly rainy morning a 30 something gal showered, got out her clothes to wear for the day and any and all toiletries that would be necessary for her to complete her morning ritual. Since this gal had flown from Kansas to Florida the previous day, she had decided that since the airlines were being rather strict on their rules of how much liquids and such a person can carry on the plane, she had a moment of genius and tore out many samples of perfume from her 'People' magazines she found laying around her office.

Still rather pleased with herself about her foresight, she took out one of these perfume page samples. Wrapped in a towel, hair wet from the shower she just took, she started rubbing the paper up and down her arms, on her neck and even on her hair for good measure. However, she noticed she was not smelling it very well, which was slightly disappointing considering the effort she put into making sure it was on her.

The gal takes the magazine sample and sniffs it, but yet..... she can barely smell anything. She sniffs again .....but still nothing. She decides that maybe she used it already and looks at the name of the perfume on the page of the magazine. The page read:

"The Fragrance Collection: by Glade" - indulge a little with Jasmine & Wild Orchid reed diffuser, three-rich soy-based candle and mini candle. Available wherever Glade products are sold.