Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A little about Goofy Ole Me

Alrighty! I figger I haven't posted something in a couple of days, so I better do so =) Yayy for the few blog fans I have lol

I have several 'goofy' things happen to me lately. Or maybe its just me thinking they are goofy, but I thought I would share anyway! Like tonite.....my husband and I go to our typical Mexican food establishment to eat dinner. Last time I was there, tho, I was told by the waitress when I ordered the 'Wahoo' taco that it was the fish taco. This stumps me for a few seconds and I reply, 'well, I always thought it was chicken, it tastes like chicken!'. I had no margaritas in my system at that point to blame my stupidity on lol But, of course my husband wanted to know if it tasted the same when I did get it, and yes - it friggin did!! What the heck?? And still, I was determined to prove that someone was playing a trick on me today when we went there to eat tonight. So before I order my taco, I google wahoo taco on my cell phone. And every SINGLE friggin LINK had something about fish *sigh* Egads, sometimes I am overwhelmed by my own stupidity lol

On Sunday something kinda funny happened too, tho =) Ya know the days you wake up and you wonder if you brushed your teeth or not? My husband was really kind enuf to help me figger out I hadn't lol I stood by the mirror - toothbrush in hand - wondering if I had done it already that AM. So I figger I would go ask my husband - so off I walked to the bedroom and asked him to smell my breath to make sure I had done so LOL Needless to say, he did not want to, but had not backed far enuf away when I blew my skanky morning breath on him. To which he coughed and replied, 'oh no, you haven't'. I said, well gee thanks and went away top brush my teeth =)

OK, enuf goofiness for the night I guess! Don't want ya'all to think I am weird or sumpin lol

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stoned and Drunk

My friend - L- helped inspire this blog =) So if ya don't like my ramblings on it, blame her lol Just goofin!

First of all, to address the question of WHO is Amy Winehouse - she is the super skinny one with the long black hair and extravagant eyelashes. Her music is motown soul-ish and as far as I know, she is fairly new in the music industry. She actually has a decent album, but either was out of her element singing 'Beat It', or like L mentioned - she was trashed. Which brings me to my topic of choice tonight!

I once had my X husband remark to me that he could drive better while he was intoxicated. Things seemed 'clearer' and he was more aware of things going on around him. And I know alot of musicians, actors and such that claim the same thing about their music or acting. Personally, I think drugs, alcohol and such do not make one more creative. I think that anything created while drunk or high is something that could be created when sober. The person just needs to tap into their creativeness without fear of what something may sound like - and I think any sort of drug helps one 'loosen up' so to speak so that they can do so. When a person is drug impaired, they are less harsh on themselves - and anything can sound good lol

Altho, there are some that are unable to sing or write without something to help them. I personally have to really 'feel the emotion' to be able to write a new (good) poem. Otherwise, things seem too 'forced'. Altho, I don't drink or do drugs to do so lol Women tend to have that ability to tap into their emotions a bit more then men I think. Hormones are good for something I guess =)

I think your singing, writing, etc. needs to mirror who you are and how you feel. Compromising on that makes one feel frustrated - as there are still so many things he/she wants to be able to do that they aren't, just to make others happy. I imagine this is why alot of singers have a hard time in the music industry - as any label tries to mold you into what they think the latest image of a star should be. And being someone you are not can make anyone unhappy - so alot of them turn to drugs and alcohol to cope.

As far as my X husband and his ability to drive better when drunk? I believe that was all in his head lol Yes, things do seem 'clearer' at a certain stage of drunkness - but they also seem surreal. One feels like they are in a dream almost at that stage, and the world around you is not the world others are seeing. Which is the real world that has yellow lines not to cross and such =)

Anywhoooo, just had to put my two cents in!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The House is Creeking

And its really freakin' me out lol I suppose I should turn on some music or something, as I am sitting here for the last hour or so completely absorbed in my own thoughts, but...... the neighbor guy just started up his lawnmower, so that kinda helps =) But since I have time and am antsy, I will blabber a bit!

I had someone leave a voicemail yesterday on my cell that made me laugh. It was obviously someone who got the wrong number, as he started off talking about the car we had for sell (which we currently do not have one for sell, altho at the rate my jeep is falling apart, maybe we will be getting rid of it lol) and it was a number I did not recognize. He starts off by saying that he went by the other day and looked at the car and he thinks the car is a pack of &^%$ and that he wouldn't give two nickels for it. OK, chuckle number one =) He then hastily retreats on what he saying, as he must be calling someone he knows and teasin', as he then remarks:

'Unball your fists, Tatertot. This is Norm'


I am hungry all of the sudden lol Seriously tho, I am REALLY hungry, I have been waiting for a bit for my husband to call me from the shop he is working on his daughter's car on so that I can bring him lunch and then get me something to eat in the process. Men can be REALLY bad about letting you know about some things ya know? *uggh* He should know better, as I can be quite grumpy if I don't get to eat in a timely manner.

Which makes me think I better call and see whats up! Wish me luck =)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Some Stuff to Think About

Egads, I exercised tonight - for like a whole 25 minutes! *uggh* Whats wrong with me? lol I probably should be grouting, cuz yes, I did NOT do that yesterday like I had planned *Lisa looks ashamed* We are just days away from putting our house on the market tho - wahooo! Hopefully all goes well and we are able to sell the house fairly quick and start concentrating on building our new house =)

At the risk of offending anyone, I am getting really sick and tired of hearing about Amy Winehouse and how messed up she is. Granted, she hasn't been in the headlines as much lately - but sometimes it feels like celebrities like that use their 'sickness' to further their career somehow. Or at the very least, get some publicity out of it. At least Owen Wilson has not made any public statements or tried to publicize his suicide attempt. Not that one should try to 'fix' things that way, but......at least you feel his pain is more genuine and not some publicity stunt.

I just did a google search on Owen and found out that he is resisting rehab. He has hired someone who will be sober 24/7 to be around him every day to keep him in line instead. Of course, a 'source' has to say that:

''Unless he checks himself into a real rehab clinic, he's not really dealing realistically with his demons''

I honestly think he is dealing with his 'demons' at his own pace, whether that seems realistic to others is none of their business. I have read about numerous celebrities that go into rehab and once out in the real world, they end up failing miserably.

OK, enuf serious thought for the night. I have a puppy on the couch across from me yipping in her sleep and my husband snoring away beside her =) Kinda hard to be serious when thats going on! lol

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I just finished mowing our yard =) One less thing to worry about this weekend! I am surprised I got it done at all, as I quit for a bit after work cuz I had a kid staring me from the deck next door as I mowed. When I mowed to the right of the yard, he moved and stared. When I moved to the left, he moved and stared. I was like, umm........ok, maybe I will just quit for a bit and not give him anything to stare at. That was a bad idea, as then his grandparents came out and sat on the deck and then started grilling *ugghh*

When my husband got home, I met him outside and he asked me if THAT was the kid that was staring at me earlier - ya know, the move your eyes thing so only you know they are getting talked about lol He had got to hear me gripe about it when he called me on my cell on the way home =) Well, my husband now thinks I am a goof - as the kid is about 5 years old, and he thought it was a teenager making googly eyes at me. He said thats what kids do, and yes, I agree, BUT........darnit! When I am sweating and covered with grass, I dont want anyone watching me or seeing me that way! Maybe I should reconsider getting exercise by working out with my friends I guess lol

The rest of the night will be spent working on finishing the grout for the kitchen tiles *feeble yay* Maybe I will actually even drum sometime tonight, too =) I really need to be more 'strict' with myself on practising on the drums - maybe a half hour every night. I have been trying to exercise at least 3 times a week already on the Nordic Track - and its amazing how much 25 minutes a night makes time fly. Well, its more like an hour - as I spend the next 30 minutes afterwords recuperating lol

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Friends and Bugs

First of all, I just want to say I have AWESOME friends! =) Thanks to all of you who responded to my last post - it really helps to know that I have a great group of friends who care about me. You all are like family to me - but a family that doesn't peeve me off lol Seriously tho, I truly do appreciate ya'all cheering me up.

Life has been rather hectic around our house lately it seems. It probably would help if we would quit tearing apart our house and replacing stuff lol Right now, our kitchen and hearth room looks pretty chaotic. I didn't like the pergo we had, but at this point, I am almost wishing it was back! *uggh* My husband did quite a bit of the tiling on Sunday and Monday, so I feel pretty guilty. Altho, I know he understands why I have been worthless - as 30 chigger bites on a person's bod makes one INCREDIBLY itchy, and the Benedryl I have been taking nonstop for several days makes it really hard for me to stay awake! I think that is their cure - make the person go to sleep and forget how much of their bod got munched on by some friggin small bug that leaves horrid, huge, swollen, itchy marks that probably will forever scar me cuz I haven't done well in not itching them the last 2 days, and ..... and... and.... lol Obviously I haven't taken my Benedryl yet tonight huh? =) If I had, I may not be bloggin this very moment, or if I was, it would probably be fairly lame. Kinda like, yeah.....hey ya'all.....I got bit.....alot.....am kinda sleepy....will blog later *snore* hehe

It does seem like I have attracted bugs of all kinds lately, too. I found another wasp in my shower yesterday - which makes a grand total of 7 now I believe. I have to say, I broke my rule of being kind to him and just scooping him up and putting him outside. I sprayed some chlorox cleaner on him and then drowned him with a bunch of water lol Then I scooped him up and put him outside. He *looked* dead at that point, but it could be he was pretending and when I was close enuf, he would attack =)

OK, gotta stop blogging - am itching like crazy again *uggh* I really wish I had a little syringe of cortizone I could stick into every single bite to make the itch go away. As it is, I may need to use something harsh like bleach or peroxide - it may burn, but its better than itching lol