Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Name Says it All

Ya know, you would think that anyone wanting to start a restaurant, fast food place, or eating establishment in general would realize that the name of your place can help sell your food. Since I have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night, I decide to Google places in the Lawrence, KS area to eat at. Alot of the typical eating establishments came up, and then, almost when I had gotten bored of my latest idea to keep myself busy and entertained, I came across (drum roll please!) - Buzzard Pizza in Pomona, KS.

Now there is a name that screams 'eat pizza at my eating establishment' huh? Seriously, you could get all sorts of ideas where they got that name from, and most of them are not good. Perhaps they are not picky what they put on their pizza, much like a buzzard picking at a carcass on the road? Or perhaps they have happened to find out just how tasty buzzard can be and that is their secret ingedient? Or maybe they have a pet buzzard they are quite fond of and wanted to name their pizza place after? While that may be somewhat touching that a person could not be discrimatory towards the bird(s) they love, it also makes a person wonder if they have gotten out much - as there are many other ugly birds that may not make you wanna barf when thinking about the 'delicacies' they eat!

Anyway! It is 12:05 AM and I shoudl be asleep instead of chattin' atcha all about buzzards, so off I go to bed! lol