Monday, November 24, 2008

Panda Pez

Once upon a time, I had one of my good friends give me a panda pez. I was pretty darn tickled by this, and have kept it in the cupboard - just in case I want to fill it full of pez candy-goodness someday. However, today it seems my panda pez has had enuf of being ignored and is crying out to be noticed. As this is what I found when I opened my cupboard door tonight.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You Are Gonna Go Far Kid

Well, not really - not at the rate I am going this week lol Monday began with a 'Healthier Me' appointment scheduled at work, which tested my cholesterol, glucose and other such related things. They have me scheduled at 8:42A for it - yeah, kinda odd that they didnt try the every 5 minute thing, like whats wrong with 8:45A? But anywhoooo...

Work began with me accidently clicking a file of mine and moving it somewhere else - and that somewhere else was a mystery to even me. I did not see where it went, it just disappeared. So off Lisa went to search her fussy computer for her lost file. Amazingly, this does not take too terribly long. What DOES take terribly long is figgerin' out how to move it back =/ My husband text messages me with the hint 'copy and paste is your friend'. I go to explorer, find my file and move it to the file it should go to - AND it starts a fairly lengthy process of copying the files. Feeling mighty proud of myself, I think' 'HA! I should text my husband and tell him Explorer is my friend and NOT copy and paste!' Altho, its a good thing I didnt, as once it was all done, there still was no file transfered to the correct spot.

The short story of this? Copy and Paste was INDEED my friend.

Anywhoooo! I fix the problem and head off to the other building for my 'Healthier Me' appointment. I am almost to the building and realize I forgot my Blue Cross/Blue Shield card I needed to show them to take the 'Healthier Me' appointment. Already running late, I run all the way back to the building I came from, got to my cubicle, grabbed my card and ran all the way back to the building I needed to go to. I get to where I need to check in and the guy asks me how I am doing. I breathlessly reply:

"Just great"

In probably the most sarcastic voice ever - which must have been detected by the guy, cuz he laughs and gives me the form I need to fill out. I stand and fill out the form - despite the 3 chairs that are available for me to sit down in. As I am doing so, another person walks up to check in and the guy asks him:

'Do you have your Blue Cross/Blue Shield card with you'?

'No, I forgot it', the guy replies.

'Thats ok', says the guy who is checking him in says, 'Just give me your last four digits of your social security #'.

I stop filling out the form and am almost tempted to give it back to the dude and say, 'SCREW YOU & YOUR HEALTHIER YOU CRAP - I almost had a heart attack running over here cuz I thought you needed the F'N card'

But I restain myself, fill out the rest of the form, hand it back to the guy and walk in. And guess what? When they take my pulse rate, its 92.....

Who wouldve friggin thought? lol

Anywhooo..... THAT was just the beginning of my week. I aint telling you the rest. Altho, I DO have to impart some other wisdom before I sign off on this blog post:

Do NOT use aluminum knitting needles as drum sticks when beating on your desk that has a glass top.

Just sayin'.....


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One of Those Days

Sometimes a day is just not meant to be I think. Sometimes I think you should just go to bed and wake up a bit later, ready to start it all over again.

I think that I am having one of those days. Altho, I suppose there is no guarantee I am gonna wake up and everything fixes itself. I actually do not even have that option, as I am now at work on my lunch break. I guess I could take a nap and see if that helps, but after the endless hassles I have had already, I think I need more than just a nap.

After I found my Discover card I have been missing for the last couple of weeks this morning, I thought this was a sign – that the day was gonna be pretty darn good. And almost as if someone proves me wrong, everything else after that did not go right.

I feed the dogs, only to have the younger one do a #2 *immediately* afterwords. I, umm….catch her in the act and send her outside. I clean it up and go into the bedroom and back out in a matter of 5 minutes. ANOTHER friggin spot on the carpet *sigh* I try to grab her, but she must realize I am pissed (no pun intended), and starts moving away from me on the stairs. I finally get ahold of her, only to bonk her head against the stairs. To her credit, she did not utter a sound, and it had to hurt just a little. Trying not to feel guilty about it, I put her outside again, clean up the carpet and let her in. The guilt sets in and I spend several minutes holding her, consoling her, and having a ‘talk’ with her.

That done, I needed to head off to work – as I was already running late. I put my stuff in the jeep, knowing I need my coat, which I decide to go back inside to get. I go back inside, and friggin forget what I came in the house for. I pet the dogs, waiting to remember and almost head out without a coat – and then I remember it. I grab it from the washer/dryer area, as I had recently just washed it and notice that there is paper residue all over it. I think, what the heck (rather, more like he double L, but…) and grab it anyway and head out again. I get in the jeep and hit the garage door opener to close the door. I hit it again. Again, AGAIN. AND FRIGGIN AGAIN.

It finally closes and I am on my way to work! *feeble yay* I am running so late I do not have time to put my makeup on at home, so at a stop sign I apply my foundation. And yes, it F’N falls out of my hands and splatters all over the side of my jeep’s door. I take deep breaths, not trying to let this get the best of me and grab a napkin. There were two problems with this:

#1 It smears the foundation instead of taking it off.
#2 The foundation hit the vented area on my door, so it now spreads the foundation INSIDE the vented area.

Screw it! I think…..I will just clean it later. I make it the rest of the way to work and am in the parking lot at 8:02 A. I open the door, grab my purse, and then reach back for my coat. And as if to say that even IT thinks its too cold (or for all I know, maybe it was embarrassed to go inside with paper particles over it), it grabs onto my passenger seat and I have to tug hard to get it out.

Satisfied I won the battle with the coat, I go inside, sit at my desk and clock in at 8:04A. Looking for the small victories where I can, I sigh a happy sigh of relief. I then look down at my coat and see the buttons on the coat had taken a beating when washed and now are all scratched up…..