Saturday, January 22, 2011

Teaching me a lesson?

I hate when a product you buy has a sneaky lil lesson it tries to teach you. The makers of the product are not simply happy to be able to sell it. I swear they get bored with making money and just decide to mess with people. Heck! Why sell a product when you can also sit back in your office and chuckle until tears come to your eyes when you think of all the people who bought the product and fell for your lil ruse?

Product guilty of this today? IceBreakers Spearmint Sugar Free Mints.

We stop at a gas station for a bathroom break, which ended in a panic buy of several different bags of nuts, 5 hr energy drinks, 2 coffees and the IceBreaker mints. The latter was chosen to help my stomach and not make my breath as obnoxious after drinking coffee. Patting myself on the back for being insightful, forward-thinking, blah, blah, blahhhhhhhh....we got back on the road.

I manage to make it at least an hour down the road before I have to charge my iPad. No problem! I turn around, unbuckled my seat belt and dug out my charger/cord. I settle in after getting the iPad plugged in and notice my pen to use for the iPad's touch screen had disappeared. I look tho one side of my seat, then the other, then behind, and even picked my butt up off the seat and looked underneath myself as well. No pen and an unhappy Lisa....

To my husband's credit, he decides it's best to solve this predicament as soon as possible and pulls over within a mile at a rest stop.

I open the car door, get out, and found the pen on the very first side I had originally checked while on the road. But ya know what? I do not care, I do not gripe about it - I just happily sit back in the seat and get situated again as husband used the bathroom and threw away the trash. And I decide to consume some IceBreaker mints....

The package is circular, with a little tab to pull to open. I open, get a mint, close the package, and then study the package intently as I continued to wait for my husband. I notice the tab I opened said 'to share', but there was another tab on the direct opposite side that said 'not to share'. I find this kinda amusing and decide to open the 'not to share' side. I tug on tab. Nothing. I tug on tab a bit harder, and then all of the sudden I have many mints flying at me and around me. I look inside and expect a divider, something, anything that made this side any different. It was all one f'n package. There was never any f'n intention on IceBreaker's part for you to keep any for yourself.

You know what I have to say IceBreakers? Yeah, keep guessing for f'n EVER, cuz I ain't gonna share that with YOU! :P

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Jeep, A Gal, And not enuf Sleep

You know when you are really tired? Well, lemme tell ya! It could be when you are driving back from the airport at 9P on a Sunday night after being in CA to ring in 2011. At least it was for me...

I made it home ok - I even pulled into the driveway, open the garage door and park inside the garage ok. However, when I turned off my jeep, my key would not leave the ignition switch area. Even tho I am tired, I do not let this fluster me - initially anyway lol I turn the key to turn my jeep back on and it only goes halfway. The radio turns on, the vents turn on, EVERYTHING turns on except the jeep itself.

I am so tired, all I can do is go HUH? instead of my usual WTF? And I decide that my jeep is just being finicky - it IS getting older after all. Maybe this is just what I have to deal with when I have an older vehicle...

I turn the key again - radio, vents, etc come on - jeep remains unresponsive.

I turn the jeep to the 'off' position and try yanking the key out. OK, maybe yank is not quite correct considering how tired I was - and I *was* worried about leaving part of my key in the ignition. So.... I, err... the key....and nothing.

I tug harder at the key ...... and it stubbornly refuses to leave the ignition.

I then decide that maybe I just need to leave and come back and things will 'fix' itself. I go inside the house and use the restroom. I then reenter the garage and try turning the key again. Vents blow. Radio plays. Jeep sits there unresponsive. And as I let a huge sigh and turn the key to the 'off' position, say a little prayer, and tug again on the key, it still is stuck in the ignition.

OK, I decide - another break is needed. And I need to decide how I am going to get to work tomorrow, how I will pick up the dogs, how I will do this, that and the other...

I head to the mailbox to check the mail and then back to the garage to go thru the same turn on jeep, turn off jeep motions......

Yeah, you guessed it.... the jeep still did not turn on, the key was still stuck in the ignition switch, and I was starting to go into panic mode lol I finally break down and call my husband and hurriedly tell him whats wrong. Of course, thats sounded like a bunch of babble to him, so he asked me to slow down and tell him again. To which he replied:

"OK, first things first, did you put your jeep in PARK?"

To which I replied:

"F*ck, sorry - will call you back in a minute...."

Yeah, guess what I did? Ignored that I even had a PARK option on my jeep. And THAT, my folks, is when its a good thing you are home and have called it a day lol