Monday, September 22, 2008

Panda Express Fortune

Hmmmm .... I thought you would all like to know that 'Panda Express' gave me a fortune cookie tonight that said that I will soon be the center of attention. So, please...... if I am unable to email, call, text or snail mail very much in the months coming up, I just want ya'all to know that I am just overwhelmed with all the attention and still think ya'all are super cool =)

And yes, I am assuming that the attention they are refering to is *good* attention. I am sure its not that they find that I am a little odd and lock me up for observation, after which I spaz out and constantly stomp on imaginary ants, and.....

Errrr, uh.....wait! My husband typed that - not me lol

Monday, September 8, 2008

Why Me????

I have decided that birds suck.

Yes, you read right. 'Lil ole me, the animal lover, said that birds s-u-c-k.

I have spent at least an hour chasing a sparrow around in the garage. At first, I was like:

"Awww, hi sweetie! How didya get in here? You poor thing!"

But needless to say, the initial 'awww' did not last long. I opened ALL three garage doors. I whistled and made noise outside, while I swear I saw our neighbors peeking out their windows with their phones to their head calling the cops. I banged away with the handle of a broom at things in the garage trying to scare it outside. It flew away from me on at least 2 occasions and hit itself in the head flying away, and then would sit on top of one of the cars. I grabbed a Folgers can and was hoping it would sit there dazed long enuf for me to trap it. But noooo..... this bird is friggin invincible! It flys away and tweets at me in disgust - like *I* had no right to be there.

Amazingly enuf, it finally flys into a car that is stripped out (husband wants it for a track car). It flys back to the hatch area into one of the rear fender areas. I think, what the heck! and in I go with my Folgers can to get the bird. I think I have it trapped and it flys out at me and I freak and back out. It then flys into the OTHER FRIGGIN fender area. I go back after it and trap it with my Folgers can. I hold it down with a piece of paper I found in the car, start backing out of the car, and....


Yes, you read those capital letters right! At the same time it falls out of hands, it rolls underneath my jeep and I twist my arm and feel it 'pop'.

And yes, I said a multitude of cuss words at this point. Not only did I loose the friggin bird again, but my darn arm/shoulder hurts bad.

Not to let this get the best of me, I run to the other side of the jeep where the can rolled. I look under and see the bird glued to the bottom of it still. I grab the broom handle again, reach under the jeep, push the broom handle on the bird to make it stay put, yanked the can out and started running outside. I then deposit him as far away as possible and run back to the garage and close all three doors.

What really pisses me off is that I finally get inside the house, sit down at my desk in the office, and hear the rain hit.

Awwww! The friggin GUILT!! Visions of a brain damaged, rain soaked bird now fill my head *angry sigh*

On the positive side of things, I think it already quit lol

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Is SOMEONE trying to tell me something?

OK, I am disappointed in my food choices I have had tonight =/ Needless to say, I do not want to go out to get fast food or grocery shop, so I tried to 'make do' with what I had here at home. The food I have at home is not much either, sooo..... I start by going through canned goods.

Tomato soup? Hmmm..... may not be bad, altho I try to stay away from tomatoes, but what da heck! Why not? If I feel sick to my stomach afterwords, my husband will not be at home to be grossed out by my ability to stink up the whole house. I pick one can up and look at the bottom for the expiration date, which read 2007.

Ughhh. I pick up another can of tomato soup and it says 2007 on the bottom too. The last friggin can of tomato soup says the same thing, so off all three go to the trash can.

I check 2 other cans of food, and they both have expired dates. After they head off to trash can heaven, I decide to check the mixed nuts we have in the other cupboard. Yayyyy! They are good still, so I grab them and start heading to the living room to turn on the TV and snack away. However, catastrophe hits and all of the sudden I loose my grip on the can and nuts go flying everywhere =/ I look at whats left in the can and think to myself, 'its ok, I still have about half left' (note to the reader: there was only about a cup left of nuts left to begin with).

I look down and the dogs are diving in for the nuts, which I start spazzin out about cuz I am not sure its good for dogs to eat nuts period. So I manage to scoop them all up and throw them in the trash, only to find out the youngest dog grabbed a couple and was gnawing at them in the kitchen area *sigh* So I grab them from her, ignoring her bummed out look from me doing so, and throw them away as I head back to the living room to continue eating the rest of the nuts.

I sit down, kick back the recliner and started to eat as I turned on the TV. The TV comes alive with the Channel 57's "Animal Cops - Detroit show". It immediately shows a doberman they rescued that the owner put a rubber band on its tail to cut into it and make it 'fall off'. Needless to say, the rubber band was fairly well inbedded into the poor dog's tail - so the removal of it was a bit bloody. They then have the dog head off to get antibiotics and such, and the guy announcing the things for the show starts saying that, "unfortunetely, the dog is very friendly and can't help waggin her tail, which makes it bleed more'. They then show the floor and tail and there is blood everywhere - and I start reconsidering if I really want to eat anymore lol

I ate all of the mixed nuts tho, and now I have a funky taste in my mouth =/ I am thinking I may go to bed soon, as SOMEONE is trying to tell me I should not eat anything. I will try not to take offense to that lol

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Good Night

What a spiffy evening I have had, despite the depressed mood I was in earlier this morning =) I left work and headed to 'The Studio' for some knitting stuff, to find out it is only about 15 minutes from my work place *woot* How darn handy is THAT? lol Anyway! Despite their loss of power and the darkness that greeted me inside cuz they had no lights, I was able to get some bamboo circular needles to start knitting my hat with. I then head off towards home and stop at A&W/Long John Silvers along the way to get some pieces of fish. I have to say, those deep fat fried pieces of fish tasted awesome! Maybe the greasiness of them aint so good for me, but they made me even happier darnit!

I then stopped at Office Max and found a magnetic board for my office - as I have some new M&M magnets I got in Vegas that I *must* put to good use! There is even a small cork board and a calender with my magnetic board. I have decided my M&M dudes will be placed on 'special' days on my calender =) Altho, I told my husband this and he told me I was a 'dork' =P Oh well.... maybe I am! But I am a happy dork at least lol