Saturday, February 5, 2011

Doggone Pathetic

Today has been tough for me physically. I woke up with a severe earache, I had trouble swallowing and I felt nauseous and out of sorts. Whether its a cold or flu, I dunno - but in either case - it truly sux =/

I did manage to get a nap in earlier in the day while waiting on my husband at his acupuncture appointment. Granted, it was in a car - and the car is small - but I was so tired, I did not care. And amazingly, it did help for a bit....

Until I got home anyway and thought I was 'cured' and I would go out and shovel snow before I started my accounting assignment. The driveway had been done from the recent blizzard, but the sidewalk had not been. And needless to say by the time I was done, I had pulled a muscle, I ached, my throat and ear hurt again and I was so peeved at having snow that I yanked out our snowman sign that proclaimed 'let it snow'.

Screw snow..... am sick of it...

Well, I am sick - period. And its hard to eat a lot of things... so what do I do to make myself feel better? I bake brownies =)

Many trips were made to the oven to see if they were done. And when the oven finally beeped that it was done, I was already there with an oven mitt, ready to take the pan out. The box said to let it cool *completely* before eating, but do I care? HECK no! I dive in with the butter knife I had gotten out to cut them with previously - not bothering to grab a spoon or fork that would make eating the brownies easier.

I eat a section. And another section. And yet another.... and then look up to see my youngest pup looking at me with her head kinda tilted sideways like 'WOW, Mom - *you* are pathetic'.

I waved at her, finished my butter knife full of brownie and decided to call it a night lol