Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jesco White

The other night - after watching the movie 'Time Traveler's Wife' - my husband was gonna try and pick us a 'feel good' movie. 'Cuz, despite the 'Time Traveler's Wife' being fairly decent, it was also fairly depressing - and not a great way to end your Thursday night. Soo... what movie does my husband pick?

"White Lightening"

In his defense, I do not *think* (he can look incredibly innocent of all charges at times), he knew the movie was:

#1 About Jesco White - whom has not reportedly held a fairytale life
#2 That the movie would be the most disturbing movie we have probably have watched thus far

Well, anyway! Suffice it to say the dude was *incredibly* redneck thoughout the movie - and I was SO affected by this movie (and not in a 'omg, this is like, ya know - the MOST incredible movie everrrrr sorta way) that I woke up the next morning tossing and turning due to nightmares cuz of it and only really remembering one line out of the whole movie:

"She's messin' with my headdddd..... my headdd....."

Yeah, I know - incredibly sad isnt it? lol

Well, needless to say, my husband went to work the next day recommending that the work peeps should watch this movie as well. I wish I could say that he truly likes the movie and wanted someone to be able to pass their 1.5 hours in a 'wow - this is the bestest movie everrr' fashion. But (and this was *before* we watched this disturbed movie), my husband is quite sick in da head himself lol

However, I have also had to pay the price of watching this movie by being dubbed 'Joda Mae' and having my husband wake up two - yes, I repeat, TWOOOOOO - friggin mornings in a row calling me that in his most redneck voice he can muster lol

So what's my answer? If you are unable to beat them - join them.

So thats what I have been doing lol He 'lipped off' and called me Joda Mae this morning and I retorted:

"Shut your mouth, and shave your sister!"

To which he replied:

"Well, thats just nasty."

To which I said:

"Its *just* hair"

Uh huh..... I know. Thats sick. And sad. And twisted. And all sorts of really sad and twisted sorta sh*t lol

So anyway! I need help y'all! My husband has given me a redneck-ish sorta name (Joda Mae). Now I need help giving him one! So watcha y'all think? Clayton? Cletus? Plain ole Jim Bob? Spill da beanz! I wanna hear your opinions/thoughts =)