Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I guess you could say I am a wordsmith. Or maybe not. Depends on your definition of a wordsmith actually. If you describe one as an individiual capable of using current words or creating words to be used for current day terms? YUP. That would be me. However, if you wanna use the dictionary version of a wordsmith, *maybe* I am not THAT person.

On the way home today, I was trying to relate a story to my husband. I decided I would show him how intelligent I was by starting it with:

'Well, if one was to pre FACE it...."

After which an actual wordsmith, or someone less liberal with words, snorts and laughs:

"WHAT? You mean PREFACE??? (

To which I reply:

"Shuddup. JUST. Shuddup."

To which this person replies:

"No, I mean - my E - soph - A - gus ( really hurts.

To which I reply:


And as I sigh I make a mental note NOT to use that word again lol