Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting Older

I have been depressed lately. Why? I have had several reminders about how old I am. How so? Well, let's see...

There was this one time when my husband is downstairs watching TV and I decided I needed to distract him with a 'sexy' dance. I swing my hips around in a seductive fashion and POP! crrraaackk! my hips went in response. Despite my husband having the TV blaring, the sound of my hips falling apart on me was louder. My husband, needless to say, was not turned on - in fact, he pretty much lost it and started laughing. So forget the sexy hip swaying for me and my friggin old hips anymore *le sigh*

And then there was this one time when I got in the car to go somewhere with my husband and needed to put on my coat. I try to put it on, keep tugging at it, keep yanking, try to find the other armhole - finally, I manage to get it on, but it still feels funky. I try to look behind me and my husband busts out laughing and says, "uhh, you have it upside down Lisa - do you need me to stop the car so you can put on your coat?"

So it appears that my memory is going as well. Or is it my coordination? Nahh, that shouldnt be it, cuz it does take a pretty limber, coordinated person to be able to put their winter coat on, upside down, hood side trailing down to your behind right? Yeah, lets go with that and end on a more positive note shall we? lol