Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Technology

I am not ready for new technology, my brain is just not capable of making so many changes at once. I am a little overwhelmed with my college classes, so my new laptop is stressing me out trying to get everything on it that was on my old one. PLUS figgerin' out where all my programs are, how hard to click, what to touch and not touch..... its just been all one big hassle. I truly have not had time to actually *enjoy* having a new laptop.

And on top of that, I decided that I was gonna make the leap from an iPhone to a Windows Mobile/HTC phone that enables me to look at word docs (for my college classes) and do all sorts of more grown up things that the iPhone never was capable of letting me do. However, that has also been a problem. From the start, my new phone has been a pain in the a$$. I got it while on our trip to FL, and it has went downhill ever since then.

First time I used it I could not even connect to the internet on it. My husband is sweet enuf to give customer service a call to find out whats wrong. He tells her that he does not think my iPhone internet package was switched to the HTC package. The gal argues with him on it, even tho what she had initially read off on the account was *exactly* what my husband says. And after she decides he needs to get off the phone to call him back on his cell to fix MY cell, she ends up calling my cell #, says sorry when my husband informs her of this, laughs and calls back on the right phone. MANY minutes later, MANY tries later, she decides its the SIM card and we need to go back to the store and swap it out. ONLY to find out at the store that it was the internet package after swapping out the phone, thinking it must be the phone cuz the old one did not work any better with a new SIM card.

Anyway! Fast forward to the drive home and on to yesterday......I tried to get my voicemail set up and it did not recognize the number. My husband tries calling and the 'help' line is closed already. I call the next day and find out that the voicemail feature was never switched either *arggh* So that got fixed..... and I was on to figgering out how to switch the background picture of a dude that I accidently put on it. I spent DAYS messing with it - I seriously was getting pissed, as its really uncool to have a friggin DUDE's silhouette for the background on my cell phone. It should be a women's/gal's silhouette at least for my phone - I am friggin female after all. My husband looks at my cell phone last night and 10 minutes later has it fixed. Soooo.... ya see..... I am not sure I am mentally capable of owning a Windows Mobile phone.

Altho, with the way my brain goes in stages from loosing it not not remembering a single friggin thing lately, I am not sure I am mentally capable of anything lately *sigh*

OK, am done griping..... sorry ya'all..... am in a funk, and figgered who better to understand than ya'all? =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yes Ma'am

I have to say, I am getting tired of being called Ma'am. I am only 34 years old, it isnt time to be called Ma'am is it? My husband says its just being polite, but.... to have an employee at an Arby's drive thru and then another employee at a Walgreen's pharmacy call me Ma'am just the other afternoon was just a bit too much. And every time I go to a restaurant, I am called Ma'am also. I am no longer asked to show my ID in order to get an alcoholic beverage. When once upon a time I used to be peeved that I got carded for everything, now I am peeved they think I look old enuf not to be carded.

Why don't people call me Miss instead of Ma'am? Thats just as polite right? Or just use something to get your attention like - Excuse me? Or ..... here is your espinaca you ordered, would you like anything else with that?

See? No Ma'am needed..... no addressing my age at all for that matter. Just simple and right to the point. And everyone ends up happy..


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blabbin' About Dawgz

Well, its just me and the dogs so far this weekend! Husband is out of town for work and his daughter has better things to do then to hang out with me *sniffle* lol I don't blame her really, if I was her age again, I would think it would be more fun to hang out with my friends =)

'Sides, I *do* have Accounting homework to get caught up on & a house to clean - yay me huh? lol And I am teaching the dogs useful tricks to know, like the little one knows how to 'dance' now & the older one is on her way to knowing how to 'Hi-5'. Ya know, those sorts of tricks just might come in handy someday. Like when we move out to the country, a coyote may think the younger one looks mighty tasty. All the younger one has to do is twirl around a few times and the coyote will be momentarily distracted - at which point, the younger one can run away and/or hide lol

In other dog related news, my husband has managed to dub our dogs Duck (older one) and Tater (younger one). For some reason, they will not respond to me when I call them that, tho. They will listen to my husband and his daughter and not me *Lisa looks insulted*

Is it the tone of my voice? Do I not sound genuine - like I am really talking to them? Do they think I am just talking about food? What the heck am I doin' wrong? lol

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yesterday's Lunch Hour

Yesterday I had quite the lunch hour - a young guy decided he was gonna try to mess with me while driving back to work from dropping off lunch for my husband who was at home not feeling well. I am right behind the guy trying to turn onto Shawnee Mission Parkway and he stops in the middle of the turn. I get pissed, but then he decides to go just in time for me to be able to safely make it through the light also. I don't think too much about it after that, as I was trying to enter my work's name into my new GPS unit to see if it would find it before I started speeding up too much. The guy is right in front of me and slows WAY down. So I quit concentrating on my GPS and decide I had had enough of the guy and speed up to get down the road.

However, the guy now decides to speed up as well, and is *right* on my bumper. I slow down, he slows down. I speed up, switch lanes..... he speeds up and switches lanes.... and STILL stays on my bumper.

I am really pissed off by now and pull off on the Lackman exit, and what do you know? He friggin does too! I pull up to the light at Lackman and flip him off. I then pull to the merge lane to get back on to Shawnee Mission Parkway and he follows me, so I decide to pull over and stop - hoping that he will go by and get back on Shawnee Mission Parkway. He stops right behind me....

So I speed up, get back on Shawnee Mission Parkway - all the meanwhile having him following RIGHT behind me no matter which lane I am in or what speed I am going. I make a big deal of holding my cell phone to my head and acting like I was calling 911. He starts hanging back a bit for a few minutes, and then starts speeding up again. I pull onto Quivira to go to the Police Station and take the wrong entrance, which is right beside the Police Station - where an old Hen House used to be I believe. He pulls in right behind me.....

I roll down my window and tell him: "Leave me the f*ck ALONE!".

He smiles, leans out his window and asks: "What??"

Frustrated, upset and pissed off, I turn my jeep around in the parking lot and start to head out to Shawnee Mission Parkway again. He squeels his tires on his black Honda Accord and follows me...

I call my husband and he tells me to go to the Police Station, which I told him I was just *kinda* at, but.... I head to Merriam's police station, all the while having him follow me. I turn into the parking lot of Merriam Police Station and park. He drives by slowly...... then I see him drive by the opposite way slowly. I wait a minute or so and take Johnson Drive the rest of the way to work.

Luckily, I managed to get rid of him - I never saw him after that. BUT I am still pissed about it. You do not friggin mess around with people on the road like that! And dont you think he has better things to do?

Ughhh.... anyway..... I need to get ready for the day and today's lunch. It should go better than yesterdays since my husband will be with me and people know better than to mess with him lol

Friday, January 2, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed

Well, I am not very happy with my socks I knitted. I decided to wear them today to work & was constantly annoyed by how they fit the whole day =/ I think I am the only person who can knit a pair of socks that are slightly too big, put them in hot water to wash them, and have them not friggin shrink, but get BIGGER! *uuggh* So there is an extra 1/2 inch at the toe area. Not only that, the heel is all funky - it does not lay down at all, but instead is all 'poochey' looking (for lack of better word). In addition, I wore big/clunky shoes to work today, so combining them with ill fitting socks did not make Lisa Marie happy.

MUST make better fitting socks for self during 2009!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A BEE-autiful Day

I was eating some sorbet made by Haagen-Daz the other day and noticed that they advertised 'help the honeybees' on the container. Not one to go 'hmmm, really"' and let it go, I decided to start to investigate - as I had never heard the honeybees were needing my help. Seriously, how do you know that its really not the bees fault that Haagen-Daz charges so much for their product? It could be that Haagen-Daz just has bad business practices and wants to blame it on the poor honeybees who bust their butts everyday to provide us with sorbet-goodness =)

So off I went to check out the website they provided ( I found out that the honeybees are starting to leave their hive and die, and no one is really sure why. They are calling this trend CDD (Colony Collapse Disorder) - I know, I know, they are friggin geniuses huh? lol I am thinking there could be one of several things going on here:

#1 The honeybees are just getting plain lazy and need to be reminded that they need to work for a living. Running away from home does not solve their problems.

#2 The honeybees are pissed off that humans have interfered with where they make their home at, and have decided they are gonna go off and start their own homes where they can have more say-so.

#3 The honeybees are not happy that they have to be the 'guineapigs' for humans. An example is an article I found where they give honeybees cocaine and see how they react before, during and after they give them the cocaine in order to find out how to help humans who are addicted to cocaine. Am thinking when they are in withdrawal stage, they get depressed and decide they do not wanna live anymore, so they fly away and die *sniffle* And by the way, if you think I am making this up, check out this link - =)

My point in this? I feel sorry for the honeybees..... dont you all? lol