Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Outlaw Country

Well, this is the last day off I have before I go back to work *sigh* I do NOT want to go back to work tomorrow - it has been pretty darn nice to travel with my husband and our dog these last few days. Despite the fact of one night in a Comfort Inn that was SO friggin nasty that I was afraid to lay in the bed. My husband, on the other hand, fell asleep really quick - altho he had the help of muscle relaxers because of his neck and back hurting him. And our dog didnt care about the accomodations, she was just happy to curl up next to him and snooze lol

I do have to say, I *may* not miss the XM radio station that my husband has been tuning into on a daily basis =) It is an 'Outlaw Country' channel, which produces such hits as 'Beer Run' or 'Don't Need no Teeth for Kissing'. And no..... I am NOT making this up lol I do have to say, the first song (Beer Run) can be a quite catchy tune, as the chorus is sung:

B, Double E, Double R , U, N - BEER RUNNNNNN!!

Needless to say, that line has been sung by my husband numerous times since =)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Big Doggie Step Forward, Two HUGE Doggie Steps Back

Well, I was actually fairly proud of our youngest pup today out on our land. She managed to greet the neighbor dog, wag her tail, and even try to play with the other dog. So you say? Isnt that what dogs are supposed to do? Well, yeah ...... unless you are a wussy little dog who is afraid of everything like our young dachshund, Carrera lol

Needless to say, the time out on the land went quick. I put down more bug stuff and watered the 'Karma' tree. Then Carrera and I headed back home ..... but almost by the time I got home, I was so low on gas that I thought I oughta stop and fill up. Even though the price of gas was three friggin dollars and 75 F'N cents =/ Was tempted to just put in a half tank and take a chance that maybe tomorrow morning things would be better with the gas prices. But last time I did that, the price went up 15 cents overnight =/ =/

Anyway! They had an automatic car wash there, so I decided to do one of those as well. My jeep had a bunch of bug splatters which made it look less than pretty. Altho, it was fitting for the name of my jeep - OGRE =) Anywhoooo! Paid for the gas and headed to their auto car wash and pulled in to sit the cycle out. Carrera gets on my lap as soon as it starts kickin' in, she curls up and starts shaking like crazy cuz, yes......she was SCARED of the auto carwash lol

So we are now home and she is curled up by me on the couch - tuckered out. It was a pretty stressful day for her after all =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

This Thing You Ask I Can Not Do

What a productive day I have had =) My husband and I cleaned house, went and ate at IHOP (their cream cheese stuffed french toast is DEEEliiiiiiciousss!), went to the Mall for a couple of errands and had an agent come and look at our house. I managed to take back a couple of clothing items to Target, also. One was a shirt that made my chest look a bit ......uhhh, odd. The other was a summer dress that was a bit more revealing than I thought it would have been. I was not sure about it, I thought about keeping it, altho when I would wear it I dunno. BUT I can always count on my husband to help me make up my mind on things. I asked him what he thought, making the comment that it was a bit revealing, and he says:

"Well, you are probably at that age not to be wearing that sorta thing. You ARE a Godparent now after all"

Ummm, thanks?? lol But yep! He IS right, I am a Godparent now - courtesy of my friend A and her husband! My husband is a Godparent too - and we are both pretty flattered, we brag about it all the time =) Of course, my husband just likes to do the Marlon Brando/Godfather line:

"This thing you ask, I can not do"

He is actually pretty good at it too =) Because of this, he has decided what we are gonna be dressed up for Halloween this year. He will be Marlon Brando/Godfather and I am gonna be the Fairy Godmother.

So like, does anyone know where I can find a magic wand? lol