Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ya Hear THAT??

Last night, as my husband and I sat in the hearth room being lazy with the pups and surfing the web, we suddenly heard a THUMP on the sliding glass door.

I look up from my iPad and ask my husband “What the heck was THAT?”

To which he noncommittally replies, “I am sure it was just a bug”
I sat there a minute mulling over his response, not sure if I should just ‘let it go’ and continue my surfing. Yet, I thought about the hummingbird that has been currently hanging out by our deck & trees lately, and suddenly started to worry that maybe it was the hummingbird.
So, after a slight pause, I answer, “But maybe it was the hummingbird?”

A slight sigh escapes my husband as he replies, “I doubt it. I am sure it was a bug.”
I sat there another minute and decided I did not like that answer either. Therefore, I got up, put my iPad down and went to the sliding glass door to look out to the deck. Yet, the deck light wasn't on, so I couldn’t see. Despite me clicking the light switch off and on and OFF and ON and…. well, the light never turned on, largely due to it being a motion based light of course.
Although I was hoping to be able to keep the sliding glass door as a barrier between me and whatever was out on the deck, I resigned myself to the fact I *had* to open the door to find out. I reached for the door handle and slid it open as the pups charged out to the deck, waved my hand in front of the light and…
I hear something BZZZZZZZZ loudly and barrel into my foot with a loud KERRTHUMPPPP!
And what do I do? I yell…..and scream….and slid the door shut all within a matter of 10 seconds.
And as I am whimpering and feeling sorry for myself, my husband calmly says, “I told you it was a bug”
I glare at him and reach for the door again to let the pups back inside. The oldest pup comes in, but there is no sign of the younger one. I bravely poke my head out calling her name and all of the sudden she DOES run inside but with a HUGE winged creature in her mouth and starts chewing on it on the hearth room floor and I go through another round of screams, cries, whimpers and more.
And listen to my husband snort with laughter and say “See? It’s just a bug”.

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